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So this game is coming out next week and I'm pretty excited to play it from what I've seen on youtube videos. Is there anyone who will join in playing this madness?

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Yep! Looking forward to it.

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Yep! Looking forward to it.

What's your PSN? You may be the only one on GB that will play this with me lol.

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Ha! It's the same as my name here but heads up, I don't play online very often. :D

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I'm interested in this, if only because I remember watching the To Heart anime back in college and this game actually has a character I recognize from it.

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If this ever came out on ps4 I would totally get it. Ps3 old news to me.

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I definitely plan on getting it but I'm not sure when, probably not next week though.

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I might... I really shouldn't. But I might.

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I bought this and I'm pretty bad at it too! I'm dawades2000 on PSN.

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I got it! Name's LordToastington on PSN!

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I'm cool on waiting, its the anime crossover game made by the people who did Arcana Hearts right?

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I'm cool on waiting, its the anime crossover game made by the people who did Arcana Hearts right?


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This is a really unique fighter in comparison to other games in its niche (Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Persona, Arcana Heart, Melty Blood). Anime fighter i usually assume air dashes all over the place and fast paced oki with lengthy combos. Aquapazza, on the other hand, is an exercise in restraint and kind of a throwback to the 90's in some respects. I think this is the perfect example of how to make a deep and competitive fighting game without going nuts on the execution requirements.

Love it. This is my favorite game released this year.

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@herbiebug: That sounds really promising, I was on the edge but it's so cheap I just went ahead and ordered a copy.

Zen United gets a black mark for not bringing this over to Europe after publishing AH3, I'm guessing not enough fanservice to capitalize on that niche.