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Poll: Do you accidentally fire the port guns each time a missions starts out at the wheel? (62 votes)

Yes 40%
No 60%

I can't be the only one who hits R2 to "accelerate" the ship forward and ends up firing the port guns by mistake.

Am I?

One time I sank another ship that was in port. No one seemed to mind.

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A makes it go. A boat is not a car.

#2 Posted by leftie68 (215 posts) -

I do it every dang time

#3 Posted by daftdethmonkey (45 posts) -

I've sunk a few random boats doing that. Doesn't help that R2 is also the run button.

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I play on the pc.

#5 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1026 posts) -

The controls are right there in the corner of the screen, yo.

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Actually, I'm using R2 because it's the run button, not because of car controls.

@canteu said:

A makes it go. A boat is not a car.

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Out of instinct from using it to run I do it all the damn time.

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I didn't do it in my short time testing it. But now this thread will leave the seed in my subconscious and when I get around to buying the game It'll have grown into an unconscious habit.

Thanks a lot bro.

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I've never done it.

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Sometimes. Trying to let go of the wheel right after a diving bell sequence annoys me way more though.

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Not each time, but yes I've also done the "right trigger to accelerate" thing more than I'd like, usually when it's late and I start nodding off.

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Well, sometimes. I'm usually good at keeping my frontload in...