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How long do I have to go through the standard AC stuff before I get to the rad boat-blastin' rum-swillin', shanty-singin', swashbucklin' action?

I liked what I experienced of the boat stuff right off the bat, but assassin's creed's "action" wore thin on me by the time I finished ACII.

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like 1-2? Pretty quickly.

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I'm about two hours in and I still have no boat. Just a lot of annoying "tail this guy" and "chase this guy" missions so far. Hopefully it's coming soon, because I'm not impressed with the story missions so far.

EDIT: OK, I was only one mission away from where it starts getting rad. Now I don't want to stop playing.

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It's definitely quick, if you mainline the story missions it will be less than an hour. You still don't get all the full boat stuff once you get it (that rolls out over a few missions), though you can do a lot of it before you're tutorialized about it.

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I spent all my time doing side stuff before mission stuff and I think it took me like 10 hours to get a boat lol

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Dude like 40.