#151 Posted by Feuerhai (2 posts) -

My ID is Feuerhai.

Let's share these wale sightings!

#152 Posted by Wirrx (2 posts) -

Aye Aye Captain Add me Uplay: wirrx1

#153 Posted by Daniel13324 (2 posts) -

Awesome idea. All of my friends don't have internet, plus they pirate (no pun intended) everything. Add me, daniel13324!!!

#154 Posted by Will_M (353 posts) -

Uplay is so weird... my name is Fredtehrabbi

Just added a bunch of folks.

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Uplay ID: MkoRey

I play on PC.

#156 Posted by Phionoxx (3 posts) -

Uplay ID: Bonecrunk

Have added a bunch of you on here, thanks for any that accept. Just started playing and am on a decent amount.

#157 Posted by Falake (2 posts) -


Uplay ID: Falake

#158 Posted by markmans200 (2 posts) -

Feel free to add me: markmans

Playing on Uplay, PC

(recent discovered: White whale, 419,44. PC)

#159 Posted by Chinwhy (2 posts) -

I am up for this,add me if interested

Uplay ID: Chinwhy76

#160 Posted by Bezzin (2 posts) -

Just added a few people on pc,

my id is Bezz1nw01

#161 Posted by Chad_Ribarich (2 posts) -

my id is agonistes_666

#162 Edited by flomby (81 posts) -

I'm definitely down for this, seeing as none of my irl friends have gaming pcs nor care much about AC4. Anything to appease the gods of social benefits. Uplay name is flomby.

#163 Posted by Sortis (2 posts) -

My ID: Sortis1337

#164 Posted by jdwohlever (5 posts) -

Please add me aswell.

Dont have any Uplay friends and my game is suffering because of it.

Uplay ID: CrazyBare

If you are on Steam, you can add me as well, nick on Steam is GunMod

#165 Posted by LordBling (18 posts) -

Gonna add a bunch of you. I'm 'Lord_Bling'. Need the boosts in AC IV (game and iPhone app)!

#166 Edited by jacklenny (2 posts) -

Add me I'm on this pretty much every day on Pc

My username is forllot

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Hi guys, U can add me on Uplay, share the white whale, royal convoy and the community chest positions :D

Uplay name: ju29ro

#168 Posted by Kedjoran (2 posts) -

Feel free to add me too, I'd like to get these social quests done.

Uplay name: kedjoran

#169 Posted by firewolf2k (2 posts) -

add me too please: firewolf2k

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Sharing the love (PC): JetpakOperation

#171 Posted by Mistah_Wiggums (2 posts) -

I'm down. My name's misterbeefy117.

#172 Posted by Sergio_Rodio (2 posts) -

Hi, guys! Will be glad if you add me: el_cre.

#173 Edited by tastyhouse (127 posts) -

would love to join - I'm on PC.

I think uplay assigned me a nice generic name of christopher240.

Just added a bunch of people. arrrrgggghhh

#174 Posted by SuperiorMackan (2 posts) -

Yo! Uplay ID: ElamiteSukram

will check for friends request daliy

#175 Posted by EvilPony (3 posts) -

Playing on PS4 feel free to add me:

Uplay id: Lord_phoenix1

PS4: RunicBear

#176 Posted by Splat763 (2 posts) -

Uplay: Splat763

Playing on PC

#177 Edited by tastyhouse (127 posts) -

This thread was a great idea. Having friends who play has added a lot to the experience. I got the white whale notification on my phone, contemplated going home to harpoon it. It's been that addicting.

This game definitely deserved 5 stars imo

#178 Edited by PirateStewy (3 posts) -

Ahoy, maties! Add me on Uplay: PirateStewy

I keep a weather eye open as I roam the Caribbean as well as have written down charts of where I have formerly found events. I got the Collector's Edition guide that came with a large poster chart of the Caribbean. I have marked on it where I, as well as friends, have found social events.

#179 Posted by tastyhouse (127 posts) -

@evilpony: the is a separate thread for ps4 users.

#180 Posted by CrazyAngel4You (2 posts) -


I've added a bunch of you guys and I'm now hoping for the best! Would just love a few Chests and Convoys ;)

Uplay ID: CrazyAngel4You

Feel free to add!

#181 Posted by Nimmers (2 posts) -

Add me up!

ID: Nimmers

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sounds fun count me in i'm on pc

uplay: PsycoApe

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Hi everyone! I'm going through this list and adding a bunch. I'd love to find some white whales. My uplay ID is TRSJabber.

Happy Hunting!

#184 Posted by philabrogar (2 posts) -

I just realized the importance of having a lot of friends on Uplay. Add me up yo
ID is PhilAbrogar

#185 Posted by Rabidlamb (29 posts) -

I just started playing this. My ID is Dukhat.

#186 Edited by NintendoSmasher (2 posts) -

Social events are working. White Whale at 573,110

ID is NintendoSmasher.

Another one at 167,651.

#187 Posted by spwhalen87 (2 posts) -

Just switched over to PC, and I have 0 friends haha. My ID is xH01YD1VERx

#188 Posted by sage411 (2 posts) -

Hi everyone,

Looking for friends too. ID is sage411.

#189 Edited by PirateStewy (3 posts) -

Once again, ID: PirateStewy

Hey, anyone who has 100% Total sync and at least most of the Abstergo Challenges completed, could you message me on here so I can give you my Skype username? I have my whole single player game completed except for the viewpoint on Misteriosa thanks to an obnoxious glitch that even Ubisoft hasn't been able to solve -.-

I synchronized with it during an Assassin Contract and it is not registering as "Synchronized" no matter what I do.

I'm not going to replay the entire game all over again and do all of the challenges. I am far enough behind in my studies as-is.

Help will be rewarded with social event charts!

#190 Posted by sloaniebaloney (2 posts) -

Hi all.

Hopefully not too late to the party. Looking for friends.


#192 Posted by Mathieu (2 posts) -

I hope it is not to late to post here ... I have some difficulties to make uplay friends...

My Uplay ID is : desmond_savior
hope to see you add me!!

#193 Edited by Bakumatsu (395 posts) -

Okay so I stopped playing a couple of months ago and now that I've returned, it seems that everyone moved on. None of my friends is playing anymore. For the newcomers and for the ones that don't want to read the whole thread, here is mine again: BakumatsuX.

#194 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (244 posts) -

Okay so I stopped playing a couple of months ago and now that I've returned, it seems that everyone moved on. None of my friends is playing anymore. For the newcomers and for the ones that don't want to read the whole thread, here is mine again: BakumatsuX.

Added. I just started playing a couple of days ago. I was thinking about resurrecting this thread so this is convenient.

I don't know if people from a month or two ago would appreciate me randomly adding them so I guess I'll just see who posts from here on out. My username is sworkman because screw Ubisoft not letting you change your username when Uplay was first introduced -.-

#195 Posted by MAST (871 posts) -

My friends list is empty. Wouldn't mind filling it up.


#196 Edited by thalesraymond (2 posts) -


feel free to add :)

#197 Posted by Renjii (2 posts) -

ID: XavierTowers Added the first two pages. hope to most of you on black flag and Unity for what ever we can get into there

#198 Posted by CornBREDX (6387 posts) -

The amount of people that are creating an account just to post in this necro thread (1 post people) is staggering O.o

#199 Edited by youkillmenow (2 posts) -

So in the beginning I really couldn't get into AC4 and spent my time elsewhere. I recently came back to it and now I am completely addicted. I'll be joining the Unity bandwagon at some point as well (PC for both). Please add me as I have no uPlay friends as of yet other than the few who added me in the last couple hours while I added all of you. Thanks!!!!!!


#200 Edited by coolguy901214 (2 posts) -

Hey guys, just got this on Black Friday sale. Hopes you guys still up and playing :D plz add me

Id: cool1214