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Poll: Which AC Game do I play now? (35 votes)

Play Brotherhood 77%
Skip Brotherhood go right to Revelations 0%
Skip both buy AC3, play that 6%
Play Brotherhood then skip Revelations and play AC3 17%

I finished AC2 about a year ago and own Brotherhood and Revelations. I am interested in continuing on in the series and wasn't sure if I should jump right into 3 or play Brotherhood or Revelations. I have Brotherhood and Revelations both sealed on my shelf. What would you do!?

#1 Posted by Herk (201 posts) -

I haven't played AC3 but Brotherhood and Revelations were pretty good

#2 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

It depends. Brotherhood's campaign is one of the weakest, at least to me. But, the game is redeemed by its really cool machine missions. That said, Revelations ditched a lot of ideas introduced in Brotherhood to do its own thing with bomb crafting, hookblade and... yeah. At least, Constantinople is one of the better cities we've had since Venice.

AC3 may be the best AC I've experienced, as a whole package, but the campaign drags on forever and never achieves anything worth getting through. Fortunately, the combat is interesting, so is the naval aspect.

Truth is, I think that any of the AC games will provide entertainment with their own merit. AC2 was really the best, so after that, it's really up to you.

#3 Posted by Nightriff (5493 posts) -

Just play them all, that is what I'm going to do

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Brotherhood is the epitome of Assassin's Creed.

Then skip Revelations and AC3 because they provide nothing you haven't already had enough of in AC 1 and 2 and Bro. Wait for Black Flag coming out this summer..

#5 Posted by Jimbo (10069 posts) -

Brotherhood is the best AC game to date, so don't skip that one. Revelations is entirely skippable and -despite what the name suggests- nothing important happens at all. Maybe play AC3 because it's at least a little bit different to what has come before, but it isn't in the same league as Brotherhood.

#6 Posted by Seb (366 posts) -

Play Brotherhood. Stop.

#7 Posted by Kidavenger (3642 posts) -

I'd play the first game, it's the weakest mechanically, but I think it had a good story and both Brotherhood and Revelations start tying into what happened in the first game (more so Revelations).

#8 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

2 is the high point for me, so I'd probably just stop all together.

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Just play Brotherhood and then leave that series alone (unless Black Flag is able to redeem it). After playing Brotherhood I was so in love with the AC series that I thought I'd play Revelations in preparation for AC 3, I knew that it wasn't as good, but I thought my desire for more AC would still make it enjoyable. Sure I had some fun with it, but it paled in comparison to AC 2 & Brotherhood. It also had the added effect of making me not want to play AC 3, which I don't actually think was a bad thing. Really, Revelations was just incredibly disappointing compared to what came before it.

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2 is the high point for me, so I'd probably just stop all together.

I respectfully disagree and offer Brotherhood as a counter point. It improved upon all aspects of the AC2 traversal and combat, and added a boss guild

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Brotherhood is, arguably, the best of series and Revelations is largely unnecessary besides the ending, seeing what happens to Ezio and Altair, and finding some more information about Desmond. I have not played AssIII yet.

#12 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

The ending of AC2 is THE moment in that series, and nothing else has come close to that level of intelligence in game/narrative design.

But Brootherhood's alright too. Play that and stop, because it's just downhill from there.

#13 Posted by Poppduder (460 posts) -

I think Brotherhood is a must-play. Assuming you liked 2, and want to continue what the ending started. Honestly I enjoyed AC3 up until the very very ending, so I think that should be played. Just skip most of the side stuff, because it's pretty weak.

#14 Posted by Dragon_Fire (369 posts) -

Play Brotherhood. Then take a break and decide if you want to play Revelations or skip to AC3.

#15 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3808 posts) -

Brotherhood is the best one, why would you not at least play it?

#16 Posted by gogosox82 (428 posts) -

Play Brotherhood its great. It basically take everything that was good about ACII and makes it better. The story is a little weak though since its mainly about Desmond's story and not Ezio and Desmond is honestly just boring. I think you can skip Revelations unless you care about Desmond's story because it will explain everything that happened at the end of Brotherhood. Haven't played ACIII, but the consensus seems to be that its disappointing so i guess skip if you don't care about the story.