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If anyone watched last night's Unprofessional Fridays (2/15/2013) and came here because of it, please play this game. It is completely awesome. Brad actually did a pretty poor job of showing off what makes the game so good, though. He should have played some beforehand to get past the intro and tutorials.

It's on 360 Games on Demand for $15, and it looks like a used copy is $10 at Gamestop/EB. I'm actually going to go buy another copy after thinking about the game last night, I gave a friend my old one forever ago.

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Yea, watched it the other night and afterwards started looking for my copy... such an addicting game. Terrible for people like me who are OCD about collectibles...

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There's a review and he played it during a TNT plus gave it his "Best Xbox 360 game" of that year. I think he did his due diligence for the game.

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I'm hopelessly hoping they make a Part 2 for this. <Sigh>

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I didn't see the friday thing, but I recall a quality TNT from way back where they dicked around with that for a while. Not sure where/whether it's archived at all though.

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I have to pay to watch them screw around for thirty minutes on a couple games? I'll pass.