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I wanna pick up batman tomorrow but I was wondering if it might not be a waste of money seeing as there haven't been any reviews and in Australia the price is cheaper then a usual new game.

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Not a typical Tuesday release, releasing on Friday that's why no reviews yet. Will probably be a fantastic game.

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Seems like Arkham City, but bigger. I wouldn't expect anything revolutionary. If you're looking to play another Arkham game, go for it.

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I was half hoping that title meant "Batman Dead or Alive".

Or you forgot the "T" and meant Batman DOTA.

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I would kill for a dead or alive Batman game

Reviews will be coming on day of release which is friday. This game wont be a game changer but it will probably be a pretty god damn good game.

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I would kill for a dead or alive Batman game

Reviews will be coming on day of release which is friday. This game wont be a game changer but it will probably be a pretty god damn good game.

I'm guessing 4 stars/8 out of 10; great game but a bit derivative of it's 2 previous installments.

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Yo, homie. You shouldn't be complaining that we're getting it a little cheaper. I'm pretty excited for it. I'll be getting Origins and Blackgate (I think? Whatever the Vita one is called) at the same time. Double down on those bat men.

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It seems like a bit of a tacked-on end of generation game along the lines of Gears of War: Judgment or God of War: Ascension. It'll probably be pretty solid, but I doubt that it's going to do anything all that mindblowing.

That being said, it's been two years since Arkham City, so I wouldn't mind some more Batman.

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Batman: Dead on Arrival.

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Batman Dead or Alive? Awesome...

Of course, the inevitable beach volleyball spin-off might be a bit awkward.

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I've gone from "Not really excited at all or even interested" to "Damnit, why didn't it arrive one day early with today's mail..."

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@moky01: Have you played the previous Arkham games? Cause if you haven't, you could just play those which should be way cheaper by now and are very well received.

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@zeik said:

I was half hoping that title meant "Batman Dead or Alive".

Or you forgot the "T" and meant Batman DOTA.

Shit, Batman (or DC in general) DOTA could probably work - given that there are so many characters. Actually, what about Green Lantern DOTA :o

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From what everyone I've heard has been saying, it's more Batman, not much more or less. That being said, I am totally ready for more Batman, my second favourite combat in a game after Lugaru.

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reviews should be out tomorrow..

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The fact that they aren't letting reviews hit before the day of release is not comforting...

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I wouldn't buy it if i was you, wait for the reviews.

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Wait for a Giantbomb Quick Look

Wait for Total Biscuits "WTF Is..." video

Wait for Birgirpall's "I Broke Batman" video

Then make a decision

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I was hoping to see batmans bouncing pectorals. I am dissapoint.

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I was cautiously optimistic for this game, but when I saw how many reused assets were in the 17 minute video that was posted, my interest level shot down to basically 0. It'd take stellar reviews to get me back on board.

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@iigrayfoxii said:

@kolayamit: @moky01: Reviews are hitting at 12:01 am Pacific Time. Greg Miller of IGN tweeted it:


Oh man, Dan's reviewing it. He's been pretty harsh with some certain reviews of his games as of late.

Also from the looks of it, it's probably not going to be awful that's for sure. Might not be as mind-blowing but it'll probably be pretty solid. I'm gonna call it now that the averages are gonna be a 7-9/10 or a 4/5.

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@bluefish: Doesn't really mean anything. Just this week alone, Lego Marvel Super Heroes was a release day embargo and reviewed positively.

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I'm holding out for Batman: Beach Volleyball.

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Personally waiting for a Steam sale if I'm going to check it out at all.... just looks very similar.

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@jeust: Honestly I've had my doubts about the game but that review seems awfully vague to be trusted, it seems like it's a review based on other people's impression and the information that has come out so far rather than the actual game. I could have written that review and included all the same information, which is a little weird considering I haven't played it. I've heard of a few new mechanics and things that have been shuffled up that I think a reviewer would at least touch on especially for a game apparently this generic.

Honestly I think there will be quite a few reviews that reflect the sentiment of this one in a way (more of the same, kind of like the treyarch/infinity ward situation used to be) but I think it's best to wait until tomorrow than trust this rather suspect source.

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Not sure what my expectations for the actually game are, but damnit does it have nice boxart. Looks like a really classy graphic novel cover. Definitely would consider buying this as a poster, even if the game did suck

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I'm fairly certain there was a comic book story arch named that.

But yeah, right now preloading it onto steam..... kinda was thinking of being talked out of this, but then reminded I've been a batman fanboy since I was 3 years old.

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The PC version comes free with a new GTX 760/770/780 graphics card. I'm hoping that either the 780 will drop in price or that the 780Ti gets the same deal when I build my new rig in November/December.

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I'm 100% renting this game tomorrow

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@probablytuna: yeah I played the other two. Just felt like this new one has just sort of popped up. I guess I wanted more fanfare

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If reviews come out and say "more of the same" I'll pick it up. But Rorie's Pathfinder comment about places not getting review copies... I canceled my preorder for now. Goodbye, $10 Amazon credit :(

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@moky01: I can't speak for anyone else, but the reason why I'm not excited for this one is because 1.) It's not made by Rocksteady and by an unproven studio, 2.) There's not a whole lot of apparent improvements/changes to the Arkham formula and 3.) It hasn't been that long since the last game (granted, there was also a two-year gap between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City).

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There are reviews out now. Sounds like it's more of the same.

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A lot of fun so far, and it looks great.

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I'm actually finding the game incredibly boring... The game only unlocked today on steam and I've managed to clock maybe an hour or so but man, it really is just more of the same. It's probably just me but this time around the dialogue just feels off and any comedic lines are cringeworthy. It suffers from the same city issues as SRIV where it all just looks the same and even now I can remember playing through similar looking areas in Arkham City.

I dunno if I'll be going back to this one but I sure am glad I picked it up for so cheap using vouchers...

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I jumped straight from Arkham City to this game and it's definitely more of the same. The gameplay, tactics and the set pieces all feel very familiar. Not complaining though. I'd still recommend it.

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It seems like i will either love it or be bored of it.

Gonna play it and see then pick up Blackgate which looks a little more original and I love my VITA!

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It's definitely more of the same. It all right, but not quite as good as Asylum or City. The lack of polish, attention to detail and cut corners are quite evident.

Right now i'm plagued with a bug making it impossible to glide kick and hence glide kick into instant take down either.

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The city design is so much better than before, doesnt beat Asylum yet but definetly better than City.

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I didnt like it at first , but it grew on me. I really like going into parts of the city from the second game. Coming across the church not being bombed out was cool, you go down under the bridge and there's no homeless shelter's, It's all clean.