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Hey there I just played through the first chapter, then quit the game. I then started it up 2 hours later and the game started right back at the beginning, although I still have all the gems and stuff I collected in my first play through. Has anyone had similar problems? Thx!

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I can't say that I have, though the game does request that you exit back to main menu before quitting the game to ensure there are no stnanks in saving. On the brightside, hey, you get to earn even more gems and yarns this way and maybe even A++ any stages you might not have.

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@forkstik: This might not be your problem at all, but I also thought the game hadn't saved, before I realized there are separate saves for single player and co-op. Gems and unlocked heads seem to carry over though.

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The game does specifically say that you should exit to the main menu before quitting, so that could be your issue. However, I think I recall Castle Crashers having quite a few save issues, so it's not too surprising that there might be some here.