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Hey duders I checked the schedule earlier and didn't see a BF4 quick look scheduled. I really like seeing the guys take part in the crazy PC player count matches and wouldn't mind seeing the difference between the current consoles and PC. I haven't listened to this weeks bombcast so I apologize if they mention it there or elsewhere.

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Jeff said on twitter he was messing around with the PC version so i bet there will be a QL soon.

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i want a quick look with all of vinny's family :)

i offered to give vin-clan video cards too so they don't have to get the new consoles.... (680s and 7970s... but... no vin response)

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They aren't always doing quick looks day and date with releases, a few days or even upwards of two weeks after release isn't unheard of, I'm sure they'll do a quick look within the next few days.

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They only put them on the schedule once they have actually been recorded.

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Free content takes too much time to produce.

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@rjayb89 said:

Free content takes too much time to produce.

Asking if a QL is happening is considered too much now?

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@alternate: oh I did not know that. Thanks erryone.