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#51 Posted by thornie (187 posts) -

I thought it looked absolutely fucking amazing. I'm sorry I'm not the jaded sarcastic gamer type that seems to make up 90% of the user base here.

Everyone knows the single player is there just to show off your rig and introduce a bunch of cool graphical elements. The multiplayer is why we play. What's weird is how this game kind of came out of nowhere. BF3 was HYPE. HYPE to the fullest. It was like every trailer was an event and we were all speculating wildly about map sizes, game modes, and how fast our CPU needed to be to run it. BF4 just kind of snuck up on me. I'm really excited to jump back in. BF3 is one of the best supported titles out there, and even if I haven't liked all the new expansions they have come out with since launch, it's amazing that we get anything at all in this day and age.

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I kill FITTY men and can stab a man through his chest and rip the dogtags off his neck, but I cry evrytim ;_; I have to press [F] to cut my friend's leg off.

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It's easy to shit on shooters I guess, but since I'm not in the gaming press or masochistic I just play a few of the best looking ones each gen. Well produced high budget shooters might be kinda dumb, but I enjoy them in a roller coaster thrill park ride kinda way, so I am looking forward to playing this.