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So i just upgraded to premium and i was looking around at the servers and i have a question.

Do the servers that host the DLC (china rising for example) only have DLC maps on them?

I want to play the DLC but if the servers that have them only have the DLC maps that would be a bit of a bummer.

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@mister_v: That seems to be the case at least for now.

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Is the map pack out for everyone yet? I know it was like that for premium members for obvious reasons. But I'm sure there will be some combined servers eventually. Take a look at their settings before you jump in.

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@demoskinos: Oh well. it's not the end of the world i guess. I do hope that when the other DLC comes out they will put up servers that have all the DLC on them. Having separate servers for every piece of DLC would suck.

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@sackmanjones: It'll be out for everyone Dec 17.

Right now you have to use server browser to play on the China Rising maps. They're only available on China Rising specific servers but they'll be worked into normal map rotation eventually (they did in BF3).

I wouldn't be too bummed, though. All of the CR maps except for Dragon Pass (it's just alright) are better than most of the base maps, in my opinion.