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Just purchased a PS4 2 weeks ago, and picked up BF4 over the weekend. None of my friends have picked up a PS4 yet so I have nobody to roll will. Anyone looking for squad mates?


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PSN Kaoscrackin

I'm down to play some more Battlefield

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PSN Sammo21 , I have a thread where I posted my current platoon: the howling commandos. If you'd like to join just follow the link and send a request!

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PSN Aurin13. I could use some teammates since almost no one on my friends list seems to be playing it.

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same, beerslayer5000

sorry for my dumb name in advance

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Same boat. PSN omgchead. I'll probably rent a server at some point.

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I will lead you to victory

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If anyone is still playing this - I'd be down for some soldering! KerrToonDotCom

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Sure. L4d0g

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Add me. Big_eejit