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BF4 is quickly becoming my favorite Battlefield game to date. I'm 70 hours in, and I'm only loving it more and more. Pretty much the opposite reaction I had to BF3, which I grew sour on over the course of my 600+ hours playing it. For the most parts, I hated its guts.

There are a few minor aspects that aren't matching my preference, like I'd prefer less *contrasty* graphics, and I'd much prefer stationary AA and small arms damage on aircraft over lock-on rocket launchers, but even these things have been tweaked so that they jell much better for me - like giving me a small HUD indicator, where-from enemies try to lock-on from, making it more of an even-footing fight, rather than engineers with AA-launchers feeling like spoil-sports. Oh - I still totally hate 2D-Auto/Audio-Spotting (showing up on the minimap after firing a gun), but the game's way too frantic and awesome to care about that complaint most of the time.

Hell - I'm playing the PS3 version, very likely the weakest version of the game overall, and it's still blowing all my time I had with BF3 on PC out of the water. The highs are so much flippin' higher, the lows are barely existent. Can't wait to do it all on PS4, in semi-1080p with 60 FPS, do some 64 player Conquest for a change, rather than Rush. It's going to be even better.

Talk about highs. Like yesterday, I was frustrated with a pussyfoot team not attacking forcefully on the first tier of Paracel Storm Rush, so I had to get creative. Jumped into the Blackhawk, beelined it to the tailend of the aircraft carrier wreck, swiftly landed it right behind that popular sniper perch mid deck, cleared the front of the carrier of camping vermin with the minigun, jumped out of the now burning and soon to explode chopper, mowed down like ten dudes respawning in my back with my newly acquired M16A4 with nothing but ironsights with its trademark burst-fire, now using the other opposite sniper perch as vantage point onto their spawn, giving my team all the time they needed to arm the M-COMs. I was flying high as a kite. If only I had done that on a PS4 already, with that nifty Share-button.

More ontopic, let's rank Battlefield games:

  1. Battlefield 4
  2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam
  3. Battlefield: Bad Company 1
  4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  5. Battlefield Vietnam
  6. Battlefield 1943
  7. Battlefield 1942
  8. Battlefield 2
  9. Battlefield 3
  10. Didn't play Battlefield 2142 (but I bet I'd like it at least better than BF3)

Where'd you rank BF4?

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I think Battlefield 4 is exceptionally good but it's still some ways from being better than Bad Company 2 in my eyes.

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I think Battlefield 4 is exceptionally good but it's still some ways from being better than Bad Company 2 in my eyes.

I bet it's still got tons of unlocks, and 5 expansions worth of content to persuade you too.

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I haven't played BF4 yet, but I wanted to jump in and give 2142 done love, because I don't predict it getting a whole of it. Probably my second favorite BF behind 2.

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1. Bad Company 2

2. BF3 / BF4

3. Bad Company 1

4. BF 1943

Those are the only ones I've played...

I know you'll disagree seppli, but bf3 and bf4 just aren't different enough yet for me to distinguish between the two. Maybe I haven't played it enough yet, but so far, even with the tweaks bf4 has made to the formula, it feels like more of the same. Not a bad thing mind you, but still.

That said, bc2 is my bread and butter. I don't play it anymore, and I realize the progression and unlocks are nowhere near the depth of bf3 and 4, but from a purely gameplay and map design perspective, it's still my favorite.

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Whatever bad company 2 more like best company 1

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  1. Battlefield 4
  2. Battlefield 3
  3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  4. Battlefield 2
  5. Battlefield 1942
  6. Battlefield 2142
  7. Battlefield Vietnam

Didn't play the rest.

I think the unlock progression and flexibility of weapon selection really helps in BF4. I like that you can give a Recon a carbine or DMR to an assault, etc, and I like that you start with more of the defining class-specific equipment. I also really like the canted iron-sights mod and the zoom toggles.

I actually think Battlefield 2 had the most enjoyable map design for me, but I like how shooting feels more in the more recent games. The jets were also absurdly overpowered in Battlefield 2.

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Here's a list of the battlefield games I played and how I rank them:

  1. Battlefield 1942
  2. Bad Company 2
  3. Battlefield 2
  4. Battlefield 3
  5. Battlefield Vietnam
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  1. BF2
  2. BC2
  3. BF2142
  4. BF4
  5. BF3

I think BF3 is kinda awful, honestly. I didn't play too much of 1942 before BF2 came out, but it'd probably end up really high on the list.

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Bad Company 2 online was sooo good. Great gameplay and community. BF3 was a bit of a let down so hearing that BF4 is better is very encouraging.

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In terms of personal experiences with buddies, Battlefield 2 and 1942 would ALWAYS be up there no matter what but I'd follow those two with BOTH Battlefield 4 and Bad Company 2. I was pleasantly surprised in some maps where there were small buildings (for example the small building in Capture Pt. A in Hainan Resort or the small buildings in Rogue Transmission), could be completely leveled and I was a victim of that since I was under the impression that the walls we're the ones that could just be destroyed. NOPE, tank just kept fucking shooting the supports and ended up leveling the entire building with me under it. -_- In a way, that reminded me a lot of BFBC2.

The reason why I didn't rank BC2 higher up was because of the fact that there are some games wherein you'd just get dominated especially when there were high level recons. It was possible to deal with them but it was really hard, even more so when they were able to call down artillery strikes. At least now with the return of the Commander mode you'd have to capture C and coordinate the strikes instead of outright overwhelming or be overwhelmed by them. Despite that, I still enjoyed it but slowly BF4 is starting to grow on me a lot more, they just need to stabilize the servers first before I'd probably get past that point.

I didn't play BF3 as much (I played it only briefly) so BF4 is the first game I've played MP many times since BF:BC2 and I've been enjoying it a lot. Playing mostly as an engineer, my favorite thing to do is to force air vehicles to pre-maturely fire anti-measures before locking on again and firing at them and I mostly just stick to defending an area and planting mines on roads or near cap points. I'm glad that I did skip on BF3 since I might be saying the same things as some of the other people have been saying here about the games being too similar. That's just me hypothesizing since I might have found both of them to be somewhat different anyway but regardless, I'm glad I made that decision.

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I think 4 is better than 3 in pretty much every way. BF4 is probably better than 2 due to the craziness of the maps. 1942 will always have great memories attached to it but probably shouldn't be ranked higher than the more modern games. Bad Company 2 was pretty fun.





Bad Company 2


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I've yet to get my hands on BF4, but if the multiplayer is as bad as BF3 for making the vehicle/attachment unlocks painfully slow to earn, it's got no chance of surpassing Bad Company 2. I appreciate the plethora of attachments, but can't I just get them for one gun and be done? I know they want me to still be around for when the dlc hits, but there's a higher chance of me being there when the progression isn't so daunting.

Once I do get to play BF4, I'll add it to my list, but for now it goes:

  • Bad Company 2
  • Bad Company 2: Vietnam
  • Battlefield 1943
  • Bad Company
  • Battlefield 2
  • Battlefield 3

As you can probably tell, I got into the series late, so I don't have any particular fondness for 2 or the other, older installments.

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Of the ones I've played:

  • 2142 (Titan mode was really cool!)
  • BF2
  • Bad Company 2/ 'nam
  • 1943
  • BF4

I'm still loving 4, but I've always felt that the total destructibility of the newer games was a weakness, in 2/2142 buildings let infantry find cover from all the tanks/choppers/jets/rocket launchers, and I feel like, on a lot of 4's maps I'm just getting gunned down because a chopper can just plaster a building with rockets and move on.

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@sunbrozak: I can't really answer that definitively but I did find that the unlocks did come in a steady progression but it'll unlock faster if you had more kills particularly with weapons and attachments but with the vehicles, even if you are just a passenger, as long as you are able to get kills/assists/repairs/spots, etc. even if you are not the driver/pilot, it'll still contribute to it and lead to unlocks. Also it's pretty dependent on your play style as well. I'm an engineer so I spend most of my time either attacking points while being a passenger in vehicles or defending a cap point in the ground. Because of that my weapon progression is slow BUT I have a much faster vehicle progression (specifically attack craft). Here's a brief example:

Weapon progression isn't so great for me since I don't take out a high volume of personnel while on foot...
...the fast craft is a different story.

You can also get attachments via Battlepacks that you can earn at certain ranks but what you'd get from them is random and some attachments would end up being for weapons you have yet to unlock which kinda sucks but what I've got usually were for weapons I already have. I could get 1-3 unlocks in every 1-3 matches of Conquest depending on how well I did. @seppli or @rolyatkcinmai can probably answer this better than I can but I find that the unlocks would come at a pretty steady rate that is dependent on play style.

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Nothing tops Bad Company 2. It was phenomenal. What I did like from BF3 though was the quickened pace around the map. "Parkour" elements such as quicker vaulting and overall swiftness of the soldier just made it more enjoyable.

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My list is identical to yours. Other than BC2 and BC2:V are at the top 2 spots.

Nothing beats BC2. DICE will never achieve that perfection again, not with EA riding them like they are.

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  1. BF2 (PC)
  2. Bad Company (360) (the best maps in the series)
  3. Bad Company 2 (360)
  4. BF4 (PC)
  5. BF1942 (PC)
  6. Bad Company 2 (PC)
  7. BF3 (PC)
  8. BF1943 (360)
  9. BF Vietnam (PC)
  10. BF 2142 (PC)
  11. BF3 (360)
  12. BF3 (PS3)
  13. BF Heroes (PC)
  14. BF2 Modern Combat (360)

So yeah, that's my list. Including the various platforms I've played several of them on. BF4 is pretty strong, but it doesn't top the best.

Bad Company games are better on consoles, while the numbered series may as well be PC only. It's almost hard to compare the two really.

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Thanks for the info @gaspower. From what you said, it at least sounds like it goes a little faster. Maybe Battlefield 3 being an underwhelming game for me put a damper on the whole unlock thing. If I actually enjoyed BF4, I may feel more motivated to use every weapon and seek out attachments - which I definitely did not in BF3.

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1. BF4.
2. BFBC2.
3. BF2.
4. BF2142
5. BF3

I have 1942 but I haven't really touched it at all.

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  1. 2142
  2. Bad Company 2
  3. 1943
  4. Battlefield 3
  5. Bad Company
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You guys are are kidding yourselves. Bad Company 1 all the way. You don't smell very clean in any of those other games.

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1. BF2

2. BFBC2

3. BF1942

4. BF3(mostly ahead of bf4 due to the maps available)

5. BF4

6. BF2142

7. ETC

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1. 1942 (I remember loooooving the shit out of it in middle school)

2. 2142 (because future!)

3. Battlefield Bad Company/BC2 (well they're just great)

4. Battlefield 4

5. Battlefield 3

I think those are the only ones I've played. I like battlefield 4 a lot, it's fantastic. So, that should give you some kind of view into how much I liked the others. I mean, I'm probably looking at 1942 through my rose-colored nostalgiavision, but I can do that right?