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I sure have and good god, this game is hard. I especially hate the Roller Coaster stage. It's where you drive around this roller coaster track to the finish line but to make matters worse, there's a biker rat on your tail and if he touches you, you're dead. You only have a few tries and with only little continues, it makes Battletoads one of the most frustrating video games ever.

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No, the Gamestop didn't have it :(

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Yes i have.

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I remember having it at a local videoshop here in Australia. It was an imported title so you needed to rent a converter from them in order to play it. Using the converter you needed to put the imported game in one slot, a local game in the other and then slot it into the system. It was pretty janky. Don't remember much about the game though, don't think I enjoyed it at  all.

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One of my favorite games as a kid.

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Played it to death as a kid and have loads of nostalgia for it. But I don´t think that makes it a very good game tho. As stated, very frustrating.

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I liked the quirky theme and characters but found it too hard and frustrating

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Yes; I remember almost nothing, since the whole game pretty much blurs together, but I know that, since that was the only game I owned for a while, me and my cousins beat it so many damn times. 
Fond memories, but I don't want to go back to it, since I'm not sure I could put up with the difficulty at this point.

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@CowMuffins said:
" I've played Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team. "
Then you never need to play another game again... Ever. 
I have played Battletoads for SNES, I don't know which one he is talking about though. I have Battletoads Double Dragon, and Battletoads in BattleManiacs. The Double Dragon one is fun, Battlemaniacs is crazy hard.  
Either way, I love Battletoads, but it will forever be the game that had the high speed bike racing levels that no one could beat without millions of attempts (Battlemaniacs has one as level 3). 
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Played it a ton when I was younger and had a SNES. I think the farthest I ever got in that game while playing on the console was the stage the OP mentioned, where you would ride the rails and you'd travel up the walls and on the ceiling. I wasn't able to pass that stage until I downloaded the game over the internet and play it through an emulator using save states. 
Same sorta goes with the NES Battletoads, except I never could pass the hoverbikes stage, until I played it through an emulator. Battletoads and Double Dragon was a far easier game in comparison.
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Yeah man, I just played this for the first time today with my friend. We got to the hoverbikes stage over time and never once beat it