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So I downloaded this game, hoping for a good representation of the product, and the game itself plays really good but, the thing that sucks is the limited roster, i really hope they make a new version or another company buys the rights to compete with EA Sports' UFC Game when ever that decides to come out.

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Looked kinda bad to me. Like Supremacy MMA. But it was a cheap downloadable game, right? So Maybe they couldn't get all the fighters and stuff. Now that it's on Spike maybe it will get a bigger game release.

Looking forward to EA's UFC game tho. I liked THQ's last UFC game and I thought EA MMA was really good as well if not a little limited but it was their first one so...

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yea, i really hope the future is bright for MMA Game Franchises, as the sport is the number one combat sport right now, and the game companies really have to capitalize on the popularity. I liked all of the THQ made UFC games, and messed around with EA MMA a little, but didn't like it because it wasn't UFC, so i went back to UFC,