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Looks like a shitty DeviantArt commission.

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Is this the first game with actor names on the cover? Definitely not:

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looking forward to it.

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Oh god I need it.

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I love Ellen Page, but this game doesn't look very good.

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That Cage guy is so on the dick of Hollywood, jesus he's turning it into a DVD-type box?

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so obviously the two souls are ellen page and willem dafoe

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Looks fine to me. Nothing they do will beat the Heavy Rain cover, but at least this isn't two major characters posing with an explosion.

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I'm excited for this game but I don't like the fact that Ellen Page and William Dafoe are billed at the top. Video games needs to get away from taking cues from movies either in their marketing or narrative.

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I think Ellen Page is adorable but yeah this entire "game" and I do use that word loosely looks awful. Cage seems more interested in making movies rather than games. And like all Cage games Ill bet a dollar that the back half of it ends up being complete dogshit just like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain both were.

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I liked the darker, in the woods cover better, but who cares, just a cover.

Can't wait for this game, I thought Heavy Rain was great.

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I preferred this box art, it looked a little cleaner. Also, it's nice to see people judge the game already based solely on some early gameplay footage and how much they hate David Cage.

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Tons of games have had the actors name on it. One of my earlier memories is:

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I'm looking forward to this game. You can think what you want about Heavy Rain but it made people talk.

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The cover needs more Dafoe!

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It's nice to see a game box with a female protagonist on it, but the movie-poster-style of that box art is everything people hate about David Cage.

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I don't really care about box art now that everything inside the box has been reduced to almost nothing. Who cares anymore...?

On a brighter note, it looks fine.

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I love David Cage and everything he represents. This statement is unironic.

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Will this game contain all pixels??

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I like good video games, this could be a good video game, extrapolate at your leisure.

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I like the cover, though I do probably prefer the one @mrsignerman44 posted.

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I like it. It looks good. IF you don't think it looks good then I guess you're just wrong.