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Poll: Do you like likenesses of (known) actors in video games? (37 votes)

Yes 57%
No 11%
Don't care 32%

I don't like actual actors likenesses in video games, a) because the tech is still not there yet to make it not creepy and b) it always takes me out of it staring at the guy from THAT TV show and.. my immersion!!1!

Same holds true for me for TV shows and Moves though - seeing the same turn character in 20 series; seeing the same "head of police unit X" in 10 other shows; having Tom Cruise in anything.. just feels stupid to me, especially in the video game context, you can't tell me that you can't get equally good people that do not carry that constant "oh, it's him!" or "where do I know her from?" bug.

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Well typically the likenesses of characters are based on someone so it might as well be a famous person instead of a face model or what have you. Uncanny valley will always exist, doesn't matter how good something looks. I do think Ellie from the Last of Us looks more like Ellen Page than Jodie does.

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I like it so much that I want the next Oceans movie to be a video game

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I don't mind. It's a little distracting in a way now, but as it becomes more common it won't be. I thought LA Noire did the digital acting very well with less of "stars" in the roles and GTA V did with much less known actors.

It'll just be something that happens as digital acting becomes bigger and it's a good sign.

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no, if it's Willem Dafoe then yes.

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Only if its Ellen Page. Ellen Page should be in every video game, ever. Even if its just her likeness. ELLEN PAGE!

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@misogynist_the_klown: Yes. Yessss, I see.. Judging by your avatar you have already walked down that particular cross-road a while without looking back :)

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@fredchuckdave: Well, the difference to me is that if that digital actor is not well known/famous I wouldn't/couldn't know them, so for me there would be no difference to a completely made-up character - so my immersion stays intact. Dafoe on the other hand is Dafoe first, and his in-game character second.

I can accept them swatting at the uncanny valley thing for another 10 years and I am in no way against digital acting or mocap or whatever, just that "here is your favorite movie star as an incentive to buy this game" approach.. somehow that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. PR grabbing by latching onto stardom, sales projections "With E. Page vs. without E. Page" and such..

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Yes, but I also like characters that are designed by the developers.

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I like it so much that I want the next Oceans movie to be a video game

Huh. Neat idea, that specifically I'd actually be more than ok with.
Clooney popping up in a random video game, motioning "don't look at the man behind the curtain", though..

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Only Bruce Willis.

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@spraynardtatum: I'd be up for that, but only if it was the original Ocean's Eleven.

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As long as they fit the part I don't really care.

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One of the best parts of LA Noire.

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If you say "yes, because then it's like movies", it somewhat implies games are striving to be like movies, which isn't true, nor should it be. Movies are one thing, games are another. However, I do like it because, just like in movies, it lends a familiarity to the characters. Much like in movies, even though they're playing different characters/roles, you still know the actor and thus feel... something when watching different movies.

The question now is, should games borrow movie actors, or should they establish their own roster of actors exclusively for games or even to cross-pollinate both rosters/mediums. As a fan of cross-media "initiatives" or whatever the fuck the marketing buzzword is for using different mediums to portray a character (movies, games, books, etc) I approve.

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I like it when famous actors lend their voice-talent but don't like seeing their likeness in games. I already see enough of these people in movies. I like seeing imaginative character designs in video games.