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I felt the demo was super solid and sold me on the game. It seems like a better realization of the mechanics in Heavy Rain. I appreciated the right stick use for certain action instead of constant button prompts. Plus playing as Aiden feels awesome with messing with people and doing crazy stuff. What did you guys think?

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Even if the game turns out to be a poorly written pos, it will serve as a technical marvel and showcase for what the PS3 can really do. I've seen a few videos but it never really compares to actually playing it and this game is just gorgeous. When Jodie is sleeping on the train, I just flew out as Aidan and just looked at the rain pouring down on top of the roof. I wanted that to just be a dynamic background. There's stuff in this game that next-gen engines are boasting about. The only thing I could complain about is that the fire looks crappy :P

When it comes down to gameplay, it's a step up and an improvement over Heavy Rain but it's not a complete departure either. This is more Heavy Rain 1.5 as gameplay is still split between walking around, interacting with the world, solving puzzles and over-the-top action sequences where you have very little control but this time you're using a mixture of QTE button prompts and using the right stick during hand-to-hand combat. What's a much newer and more welcome addition is Aidan. Floating around and manipulating objects and people is really fun and I'm interested to see where that goes and how far too. In the demo, you can to play around flipping tables, knocking stuff but it's the possession that seems the most interesting but also the most limited as you can't just pop into anyone and when you do, you have a single option at a time rather than full control.

What'll probably matter most in the final game though is the story. It's an interesting premise but all of David Cage's games have had great premises. Fahrenheit is probably one of my favourite game openings with so many options but as the game plays on, those options became fewer and fewer until you're getting mixed up in a very weird story that no one saw coming just because it was so bullshit. Heavy Rain felt a lot more cohensive as the game but it still had its issues that are glossed over and go unexplained and the poor voice acting really didn't help either. But, I would say I did still really enjoy both games even if they don't live up to their potential, especially in Fahrenheits case. If anything, the demo gave me hope. While a lot of people dislike the way David Cage designs games, the QTEs and Aidan's abilities lend themselves to a sense of immediacy and tension that at least give the impression of being more directly involved with what's going on.

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@acidbrandon18: Id have to agree with you. This game is gonna live and die by its story. The mechanics felt good and I like the idea of Aidan and it has me interested to learn more about what it is. They did an excellent job of keeping actual buttons prompts off the screen as much as possible, Id guess there are maybe 10 spots in the entire demo where it says "Press L1 etc...". It's a small sliver but the main characters seem well voiced by their respective actors and by god do the some of the character models look stunning (specifically Defoe and Page's characters). Everything else held up well but were maybe a bit off putting just because of how great those other two models look. I know people really dislike a lot of Cage's view points but man, you cannot deny that a lot of polygons can give you some truly lifelike facial emotion.

Lastly, I gotta say my favorite part of the demo was the music. It perfectly captures the mood the game is hoping to make you feel, whether is fear or excitement or a bit of both. Gonna wait for reviews to hit and see if the story is up to snuff but if it is I will definitely grab the game day one.

Quick side note: Play the demo more than once, there are probably a lot of things you miss the first time through such as alternate paths (that do lead to the same conclusion but still...) and other things to interact with, specifically in the first portion of the demo.

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I'm super frustrated. I went into that demo after getting a free early code via the Facebook page super cynical and expecting to hate it. I came out of it way more interested than I even expected possible and that's frustrating. I shouldn't spend anymore money on games... I really don't need to add to my stack of games but my curiosity is enough that I'm most likely going to buy it once it comes out next week.

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Dammit, was expecting GTA5 to be the last PS3 game I get before new consoles (then buy everything I missed at cheap prices).

If I get a wiff of the story being mildly good then I'll probably get it way sooner than I ever thought I would. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain, issues and all and could go for another experience that is somewhat similar. Also bad American accents by the French is hard to pass up.

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@nightriff: Actually the voice acting at least from what I saw in the demo sounded like american actors. I think Cage just got actual american actors. Most of the acting was pretty decent.

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@nightriff: Actually the voice acting at least from what I saw in the demo sounded like american actors. I think Cage just got actual american actors. Most of the acting was pretty decent.

Yeah, aside from the obvious two(Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe) I also noticed Kadeem Hardison when I played the demo. I have no idea on any of the others, though.

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@sackmanjones said:

This game is gonna live and die by its story.

We're doomed.

As for my impressions, I thought it was intriguing. I'm not really a huge fan of changing more complex motions to simple flicks of the stick, especially in those moments where it isn't always clear which direction to hit (a few of the obstacles in the forest threw me off). It may look more natural, but I'd rather just have the prompts so I don't fuck up. Also, when controlling Aiden, I wish it better highlighted the things you can interact with. Having all the people highlighted in blue made me keep thinking I could interact with them when I actually couldn't. Otherwise, I'm interested to see just what the hell that story is all about. Will probably wait until it goes down in price though.

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@nightriff: Actually the voice acting at least from what I saw in the demo sounded like american actors. I think Cage just got actual american actors. Most of the acting was pretty decent.

Really? The actor(s) for most of the Policemen sounded like the South Park guys. It seemed almost like comedy to me. Listen to it again. I thought it was really poor.

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I thought it was very intriguing eventhough some of the scenes lacked punch. The motorcycle chase looked good but fell a bit flat and the pacing in the last scene felt off but I have the game preordered nonetheless. The main flaw of Cage's games for me so far was the way he resolved his stories (or better how he isn't able to do so). Fahrenheit's and Heavy Rain's story went completely to shit and it took away much of the enjoyment. I don't mind the way those games play eventhough it's a valid criticism. Either you can put up with it or you can't. Maybe the third time will indeed be a charm for Cage.

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It's hard to really judge the pacing from this demo as it's obviously chopped and changed around. I doubt in the final game you'll go directly from escaping them on the train to them catching you not one minute later.

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I don't play demos anymore, too many demos don't represent the game well at all. That being said, a Sony rep was in my local EB Games with a final copy of the game and I played about half an hour of it. I'm sold, I was a big fan of Heavy Rain despite it's crater-sized plot-holes... and this just seems super solid. I'm excited :)

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The demo was OK. Dunno, I may be done with this kind of game for a while.

I wish this was a ghost/haunting/poltergeist sandbox simulator instead.

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@rafaelfc said:

The demo was OK. Dunno, I may be done with this kind of game for a while.

I wish this was a ghost/haunting/poltergeist sandbox simulator instead.

Yup. Same here, didn't have much fun with the demo. The ghost parts are decent but I can't stomach the QTE-heavy gameplay with Jodie. Some of these QTEs got downright annoying (stuff like shake or lift the controller).

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Wow I didn't realize how much the scenes change based on whether you failed or not until I looked at youtube.

I failed on the cliimbing and was captured so I had to escape the car to steal the bike. Then I didn't hold R2 the entire time on the bike so I got captured by the SWAT and had to use Aiden to shoot the driver so I didn't get the whole sniper scene.

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I enjoyed it, even played it a few times to see all the variations of each scene. During one sequence i actually ignored a button prompt and it automatically switched to Aiden which was kinda cool.

I pre-ordered immediately afterwards(i want see the special bonus scene).

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the quicktime events were really not enjoyable, at least with Heavy Rain it was funny how you would play twister with your hand. They do a better job with response and reaction time but yet I found myself just bored with what I'm doing.

The whole ghost mode is a lot of fun, I just enjoyed hanging behind people looking over their shoulder. The whole xray through the car engine, that was amazing. I actually let the game just slow down a bit and just admire the graphics and the detail on ghost mode.

Just reminded about tomb raider, this poorly designed females. I was just watching Super, and I wish I was playing that Ellen Page instead "Who reads this comic? Mongoloids?"

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i really dislike the controls

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@l4wd0g said:

i really dislike the controls

yep. I deleted the demo after flying erratically around outside of that train for 5min not being able to figure out what to do.

I didn't understand the combat either. Using the right analog felt forced and there was no weight to my punches.

Feel sorry for the actors! I would have loved to see the story, but I will not suffer through these controls for it.

p.s. I love demos. In 99% of all cases they save me from buying a game that had its marketing hooks in me.

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It's kinda crazy and awesome that this whole game is apparently in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

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The ghost stuff controlled poorly and felt like a gimmick. The sequence with the SWAT team was especially embarrassing.

The Last of Us has an amazing soundtrack but in terms of sheer bombast I have a feeling this game will have the best soundtrack in that vein since Final Fantasy XII. All the music I heard felt way more incredible than what I was seeing on screen.

The motorcycle chase reminded me of the highway fights in Full Throttle. That is not the part of that game you want to be paying homage to.

I didn't like how they removed the specific action graphics and just want you to flick at objects and see what happens now. Sometimes it was confusing figuring out exactly what I could and couldn't do.

I felt like the entire opening sequence was especially dissonant. I felt weird being able to walk around Ellen's room and mess with a bunch of stuff while that doctor just stared at me, it felt pretty lifeless. I couldn't tell if that guy was supposed to be obviously evil or the consoling nice guy, and not in a nice ambiguous The Wire sort of way either. I didn't get why that woman was so scared, probably because all of the ghost interactions feel so scripted I didn't get any sense of danger for her (or the SWAT guys for that matter).

I did like the way they're handling combat this time around. It lets them show off the graphics and, IMO, craft some more engaging-looking fights. But it doesn't feel as interactive as stuff like the Taxidermist from Heavy Rain and it isn't as satisfying when you fail, the lack of heavy graphics overlays left me with a feeling of "but I felt like I did that..." every so often where Heavy Rain never gave that impression.

Overall, I'm intrigued but I'd certainly wait for it to be a PS+ Instant Game. Heavy Rain was quite clearly the most disappointing experience I had with this generation, expecting a next-gen Blade Runner (see: Random PC Game) which was a childhood favorite and instead getting something totally implausible and delirious. I got a very similar vibe from this game and without any of the novelty hooks that had me willing to see Heavy Rain through to the end.

I hope it does well, though. I like the idea of games like this and hope Sony can help The Walking Dead make these sort of interactive novels a certified genre rather than "experiments" or novelties.

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Eh..I'll watch it on youtube.

it seems that it's already up there anyway, Patrick did the same thing with Dark Souls and a few others, so why can't I do the same?

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At a glance i like it more than Heavy Rain. The streamlined controls are simpler and keep things going more easily than having to play twister with your fingers in Heavy Rain. This is after all just an interactive movie so i like that the interactive part of the experience appears meaningful enough to be worthwhile while not getting in the way of the story progressing naturally unlike many sequence in Heavy Rain. I'm not a fan that they kept sixaxis controls in there however.

The production values are outstanding. This is a great looking game. As for the story well it's impossible to tell from the demo. In any case, for my taste they fixed what i didn't like about how Heavy Rain controlled. It remains to be seen if they did the same with the story.

This is still not something i'd pay 60$ for but i'll keep in it mind for later.

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I'm definitely intrigued, at worst this game will be a higher production value Heavy Rain with slightly more refined game mechanics. However, the controls were embarrassingly bad.

I don't recall being this confused about what I'm supposed to do ,or where I should be headed in a game since getting lost in the Last of Us. In that game at least I had the sense that ND was trying to force me to explore the map. This game just makes it frustrating with force perspective shifts and frantic QTE events without button prompts. The sequence where I was running down the aisle of the train was nonsense. I had no idea which way to flick the right stick and got disoriented with the quick change perspective. Ditto with the bike chase on the highway.

I was constantly wondering if I would reach a failure state or if the game's poor ability to explain what I was supposed to be doing was affecting the story outcome. The swat sequence at the end seemed unwinnable. Maybe that is the point but conveying it through frustrating button mashing and QTE is not fun.

Its coin flip on whether I will buy the game. I love the tension and seems quite ambitious. If there is some type of easy mode where I can cruise through the QTEs I will definitely but it.

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you know, tried giving it a second chance. It's a demo, no shame in replaying a demo. Was really surprised the fail states and how radically different it turns when you succeed.

But like I do feel disappointed becuase I LOVE William Dafoe, might play it for him alone. It feels like playing through a B movie action sequences like Bryan Singer's Xmen 1 or Twilight series. At no point did I even enjoy any of the action sequences. The ghost sequences are probably the best things, but then the interactions has no physics to it them and feels horrible canned animation to something as small as a cup.

Kinda interesting to see someone spend so much money on this

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You people must be smoking drugs or something. Those graphics look average. All the characters have that dumb vaseline looking shaders on them when they're wet. And when Ellen Page presents David Cage's Ellen Page in Ellen Page gets cuts and stuff on her, they put these god awful looking normal mapping over them that just looks like the farthest thing from realistic. Plus there was a bit of screen tearing here and there too. I mean, it's been a while, but I feel like Heavy Rain looked just as good or better, and that was how many years ago now. But I suppose there's every chance this is an old demo from like, E3 or something too. But I'm definitely not getting the excitement over the visuals.

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I thought it seemed pretty cool. I liked the Experiment bit better than the action one so I hope they have a balance. Like some other people here I had a bit of trouble in the forest when it's not exactly clear which direction it wants.

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First game in a while that I'm really looking forward to reading some reviews.

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The demo was great however I am still on the fence about a day one purchase. I think I'll wait for some reviews before deciding.

The audio video presentation is sublime. I especially love the score during the experiment and the train escape. Gameplay wise I felt the controls were an improvement over Heavy Rain (no more hold R2 to walk thank god) however the action sequences were a bit hit and miss due to some of Jodie's movements being slightly ambiguous. As others have already mentioned, the fact that the SWAT team just waits around while Aiden picks them off one by one is slightly off-putting. Also one thing I have been wondering: how can Jodie ever truly be in mortal peril if she has this omnipotent ghostly guardian who can possess people and form forcefields to protect Jodie all the time? The part where the she charges through the SWAT at the bridge made me chuckle.