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So i have not played bioshock 1 in very long time and picked it up on ps3 originally had it on 360 but for ps3 game has a horrible frame rate even early on when there 2 people or sometimes one it seems laggy. I dont remember this at all on 360.

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Yeah, the PS3 version wasn't that good compared to the other versions. It being an old Unreal Engine game, and being ported from PC/360 too PS3 leads to a lot of problems that where probably not worth there time trying to fix.

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Can you turn off the lock framerate in the PS3 version?

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@somedelicook: There was an option saying it would help fps but deduce visual quality but fps were same.

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So it's bad on the PS3? I was thinking of getting it since it's only 20 bucks on the store. Oh well ... just makes me realize how bad the beginning of the PS3's life was, what with all the devs crying about the 1337 skillz required to code for it.

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Not helpful if you don't have a gaming PC, but when pre-ordering the limited edition of BioShock Infinite here in Australia we were given free codes for the original BioShock on PC.

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Got it on 360... but better. I dont even think it ran in 720p on ps3 looks bluray as shit and even menus everything runs better loooks clear.

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I know this thread is a little old but I just wanted to say that the PS3 version plays fine. It's a little framey at the beginning, just after the plane crash if you look at the fire the framerate drops a bit, but after that it runs fine. I don't know if they have later fixed the PS3 version through a patch but it runs fine. And yes it's in HD, it's actually one of the few games that's in 1080p. It looks and plays completely fine.

I'm having a blast with it.