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Poll: Are You Afraid for Bioshock Infinites Quality on Consoles Because Reviewers Are Being Sent PC Copies? (171 votes)

Yes 5%
NO!!!!!! 16%
It'll probably be fine. 31%
As long as it runs decently, I don't care 10%
PC MASTER RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 35%
My gateway 2000 couldn't possibly run it, so I have no other choice 3%

Poll says it all. The bulk of reviews are for the pc version, so is it possible this game is going to be a technical stinker on consoles? Personally, I think it'll be perfectly fine. As long as it doesn't get in the way of the story or the gameplay, I honestly don't give a shit.

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man i had a gateway 2000, first pc i owned. twas a good friend to me, and i pushed it to the limit with games that it shouldn't have been able to run (i remember it took me a day just to INSTALL dark reign).

anyway i got it for pc so don't give two shits! *dance*

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Not that I think it will be bad on consoles, but I'm seriously considering cancelling my preorder on amazon and getting it on Steam.

Decisions, decisions. :/

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I'm sure it will be fine on consoles, but obviously (as always) PC is offering the best experience.

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With the age of the consoles and the ambition of the title, it doesn't surprise me that the publisher now tasked with selling the game is trying to put its best foot forward.

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@themanwithnoplan: I would probably do that as well, if psn let you cancel preorders. I recently found out the game scales very well and I could probably run it on my laptop... Oh well, I'm kind of glad I get a chance to platinum it, since steam achievements suck balls

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I'm sure it will be fine on consoles, but obviously (as always) PC is offering the best experience.

No way, definitely wait for the Vita version, it';ll be the best.

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IGN's review seemed to indicate that the console versions weren't significantly inferior to the PC.

Either way, I don't have the option of playing it on PC.

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@jay_ray: Vita version? There MIGHT be a vita bioshock game (that isn't set in stone though), but not a direct port of infinite. Unless this is sarcasm?

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I beat it on PS3, it ran fine. It did have some pretty bad screen tearing.

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It'll be fine, though the PC master race will continue to win out.

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@naru_joe93: I think it was last years E3 that Ken Levine went on Sony's stage and said there was going to be a Vita version of Infinite. Though the rumors say it is not happening now.

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arghblargh my computer is better than you peons arghblargh

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There's a certain level of irony in referring to the PC master race when talking about this game in particular...

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I'm it'll be fine, can't wait for the next generation of consoles though.

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@jay_ray: He said there was going to be a bioshock game on vita, not infinite specifically. Also, he recently said he wants to make it, but no funding has been provided for irrational to make it, so unless they get some money, no bioshock vita

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It will be fine... its just that hey... you wanna show off your game in the best light right? Well, PC version.

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Don't mind some muddier graphics when the art design looks as good as it does. My computer won't run it anyway so I've no choice but to roll w/ the 360 version. Will be picking this bad boy up later today and by hell avoiding all further reviews.

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Although, I'm like the bottom of the race...still better than you dirty console peasants though.

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Played a ton on the 360 and the frame rate can get shockingly bad when things are really hectic. Anytime you use the skyline there is a ton of slowdown, and some textures when stared at up close are pretty shoddy also.

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I have a decent PC and a pregnant wife who always plops down on the couch watching tv so my decision was made for me before the game ever came out. With that said, I'm sure the console version will be fine. People are saying some textures are muddy but what do you expect with a console that is nearing it's life cycle end. It won't be nearly as pretty on the PC, but that can be said for most games. If your only choice is the console, absolutely don't hesitate to pick it up.

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Can't I pick "decent PC" or something? Or maybe "I prefer playing on a PC?"

Whatever, I guess master race or something... eh. Woo.

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i recently became a member of the pc master race and i'm siked to play this. For one it has better controls and no fumbling with a skillwheel when switching vigors in de middle of some hectic combat.

That and dem grafix.

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It shows off their best work graphically, is infinitely easier to distribute (puns!) and is the version people have the most questions about.

Console versions will probably have muddier textures, run at 30fps, but otherwise be an equally great experience. 360 will likely run a touch better, but be on two discs.

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What's bizarre as hell is that there's a lock framerate option on a console game.

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Graphics aren't everything guys!

(Nine Months later)

Lawlz! PC people are so dumb! Our graphics are awesome as theirs!

(A joke obviously, but if you get hurt, just why?)

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Nope. I bought the PC version.

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Why would one be afraid of a game?

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As a PC gamer, I despise the fucking PC elitism that runs rampant throughout most gaming circles. Not everyone can afford a decent rig that cost the hundreds that they do, and you're making those people feel even worse.

  • A console is just as fine.
  • A console is just as fine.
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As much as I eye roll at the whines about PC Elitism, I also roll my eyes at the insecurities of those who wring their hands about it. It is like they need self validation for every decision.

Congratulations on getting Bioshock Infinite! Worry about what you like and what you play on. Don't worry about the other guy and what he likes and wants to play on.

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Been playing the 360 version and it looks and plays great. Haven't noticed any technical issues.

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Reviewers are also looking at the console versions too, genius.


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