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About a third of the way through 1999 mode, and it obviously makes sense to get the trophy for not visiting a Dollar Bill machine while I do so. Unfortunately I was a little over-enthusiastic picking up some coins around the base of one such machine, and I accessed the store. Now, do you have to actually BUY anything for it to invalidate the trophy, or am I *shudder* starting 1999 again?

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@yodasdarkside: No, you can't buy anything. Nowhere does it say you can't look at it.

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Yeah, the actual wording is buying something from one.

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I did the same and I still got the achievement.

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I did the same and still got the trophy :)

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You are fine unless you buy something. The devs knew you get grabby when the coins fall out.

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I should have looked at the achievement more closely. I could have sworn it said 'visiting' not 'purchasing'.

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I'm glad someone posted this. I did the same thing, accidentally opened a Dollar Bill vendor when I was hitting x to pick up coins in front of it, and I've been worried that it's going to taint the achievement. Good to know that's not the case.

It's just a good thing that x doesn't buy as well as open, or I would have been screwed.

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And now I have to give up on it, because I am so bad at the game. Just reached the part after the Finkton docks (I think it's a bank?) where people are lining up for non-existent jobs. There's a bunch of cops and a motorised patriot and I just can't do it.

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And now I have to give up on it, because I am so bad at the game. Just reached the part after the Finkton docks (I think it's a bank?) where people are lining up for non-existent jobs. There's a bunch of cops and a motorised patriot and I just can't do it.

Possess the Patriot and pick off the coppers one by one. When it's just the Patriot left, get some distance and take him down to 1/3 health with headshots. After you can zap him with electricity, get in close with a shotgun or just keep pumping him full of carbine lead.

Playing on 1999 right now, and it's not overbearing. Found the gear that lets you run crazy fast if the shield is broken. Handyman battles take on a whole different meaning with this equipped :E

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Possession should be your best friend. Get the aids for it and use it to your advantage. Possess and let your new friend draw aggro while you stay out of sight and pick guys off. Your second tonic should be something that fits your play style and compliments what gear you have. I am a big shock jockey guy and that coupled with the storm hat works wonders. Also know what tonics work on who (flame on turrets, shock on firemen, etc). For Patriots try to get them on their own either by possessing others or getting them to a removed portion of the map. Use shock jockey and shotgun to blast away. Hitting the gears help. In terms of guns again find something that works but I liked carbine for distance and shotgun for close. Upgrade these as soon as you can. Overall, 1999 mode ain't too bad you just need to strategize and resource manage, especially if you are going for scavenger hunt Cheevo. Always try to keep at least 1000 in silver eagles for revives also. Good luck! Oh also for the boss fight later with LC (hope that doesn't spoil) use shock jockey and kill the minions so their heads pop off and they won't be revivable. For the final fight on the zeppelin, use return to sender "traps" in front of the core to absorb damage. When one goes down, replace it.

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Thank you, chaps. Yes, I've finished it on normal and was pretty bad at it tbh (first Bioshock game) but I wanted to see if the ultra-hard mode was within my capabilities, as some people on here were saying it wasn't so bad. I have about 1000 Silver dollars, but very few upgrades bought. I've read a few suggestions that I should keep reloading checkpoints to save money and to get the 'good' equipment?

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My main tip for 1999 is don't bother respawning. It may suck to have to re do an area sometimes but on 1999 enemies just regain so much health and your wasting so much ammo whittling them back down that its just a drain of resources.

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I say just play the game without thinking too much about reloading every time you die. In order to get enough money and resources to build yourself up, you have to basically comb every area for stuff. It doesn't sound like a fun experience to do this over and over again in the same place.

If you're short on money, I recommend purchasing upgrades for weapons. It's much cheaper than Vigor upgrades and much more useful. Also, try to focus on distance combat in 1999 mode if you don't want to die a lot. If guys get in close on you, they'll take your shield down in one hit. Try to stay away from close combat. But close combat will happen and I recommend the Crowd-Pleaser for this. Get the reload upgrade, because the reload on the shotgun is way too slow without it. Aim for the head and you can usually take down guys in one shot, which is want you want really in a close combat situation.

But that's just when things get hairy. For 90% of the time, Carbine is the way to go. In standard form, the Carbine takes guys down with 1-2 headshots and it will make easy work of the patriot. Fully upgraded, with gear for higher crit chance and increased dmg for aiming down the sight, it takes down pretty much everything in a few shots. The Carbine is the best all-rounder in the game by far, never go anywhere without it. It's just as accurate as the sniper but carries something like 80 bullets. It's OK in close combat, but only if you can spam vigors to help you out. It doesn't kick back the enemy like the shotgun, but it fires fast and has 12 bullets in the magazine with clip upgrade. But you really have to get those headshots for the Carbine to be effective. Don't give up, and good luck!