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hey guys,

so, me and my friend recently finished playing BioShock Infinite ... and (needless to say) we loved it ... so MaroBot decided to draw an awesome Songbird wallpaper to share with everyone ... hope you like it :) enjoy



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invalid address...

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yeah ... I noticed - I don't know why it doesn't link it properly :/ just copy and paste the address - it works ... http://www.robotbrush.com/bioshock-infinite-wallpaper/

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@lashman: Looks really cool. I like it.

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@dungbootle: cool, thanks man :) glad you like it!! :D enjoy!!

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Man, that looks great. I'm gonna use that on my Vita.

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That's a really cool wallpaper. I would put it as my background but it would be to small. Awesome though.

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@mariachimacabre: cool, glad you like it :) feel free to use it on your Vita too :D THANKS!! :)

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@awesomeusername: too small? 2560x1600? :) what sort of screen have you got then? :D

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@lashman: Crap, your right. I thought it would be a small picture but it fits my laptop great. YAY!

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Dope wallpaper dude, thanks.

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Wow, using this as my wallpaper. Well done!

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It's now the background on my phone and my computer! Well done!

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Beautiful! Using it right now.

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Rad. Using it now.

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Awesome job, thanks dude.

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dropped in to say amazing work too the artist, bravo.

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Using it as my wallpaper as well, excellent job.

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Alright, that's a nice background. The change is overdue.

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The wrong eye is cracked....

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We definitely need more fan artists doing this stuff. :)

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@the_laughing_man: no, it's just a drawing of Songbird reflected in a mirror ;) hehehe :) no, no - you're right, though :) thanks

@extomar: yeah, I definitely agree :) we can't be the only ones ;) hehehe

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lol ... AngryJoe tweeted the link to the wallpaper ... and it crashed the site a few hours ago :D lol ... it's working fine now, if anyone's still interested :]