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It's time for the reviews to start hitting the Internetz! (yes, yes, IGN has one for like a week or something)

Destructoid review - 10/10 - Jim Sterling

Infinite is one of those rare games with a perfect beginning, an engaging middle, and a perfect end.

As a game, BioShock Infinite has its successes and its falterings consistent with any suitably complex piece of interactive entertainment. As a story, as an exercise in drawing the player into a believable and relevant world, as proof of exactly what a videogame can mean to a person ...

Well, I already said it. BioShock Infinite is damn near perfect.

Penny Arcade review - ??/?? - Ben Kuchera

Ken Levine and company are operating at a higher level when it comes to telling a human story through video games.

This is a game about relationships, and how everything we do affects everyone around us.

It's about how we can hate those we love, and love those we hate.

It's a beautiful game.

Polygon review - 10/10 - Arthur Gies

Irrational built a believable, fantastic world rooted in dark pieces of American history.

But in every way, BioShock Infinite lives up to the promise of its legacy, and it looks poised to establish a new one.

But even as Irrational improved the game underneath, it's the ideas presented and questions Infinite asked that left me quiet when the game was finished.

Eurogamer review - 10/10 - Tom Bramwell

Before you meet her (Elizabeth), the game is all about her.

Once you meet her, the game is all about her.

(...) by the end of the game you realise that you are not the main character in any real sense. She is. She always has been. She always will be. It's her journey. You're just along for the ride. Still: what a ride.

Rev3Games review - 5/5 - Adam Sessler

*I'm not going to put quotes here because it's a video and I don't want to transcribe it. Go watch it, if you care.

Joystiq review - 5/5 - Xav de Matos

Though it touches on topics revolving around racism, religion, rebellion and revenge, these themes take a backseat to BioShock Infinite's primary topic: Love.

Undoubtedly the finest game crafted by Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite is one of the best told stories of this generation. It simply cannot be missed.

GameSpot review - 9/10 - Kevin VanOrd

BioShock Infinite is a stupendous game, portraying a beautiful and broken city that will absorb your every waking thought.

BioShock Infinite could make you feel uncomfortable.

Once the finale comes, you will want to play again, watching each event and image through the lens of information you can never un-know. BioShock Infinite is more than just a quality game: it's an important one.

GameInformer review - 10/10 - Joe Juba

In BioShock Infinite, players must be comfortable with the concept of parallel realities.

No matter how many parallel realities I ponder, I cannot imagine one in which BioShock Infinite is not among the best games I’ve played.

The core of Infinite is unlike anything else on land, sea, or air.

Edge review - 9/10 - Edge Staff (the fuckers don't put the writer's name)

BioShock Infinite is a lavish, spectacular game. It’s an intelligent one, too

Irrational has made a game in thematic dialogue with its predecessor, with the same interests but different tastes, and one that expands mechanically and technically on what came before. And it’s given us a city in the sky that reflects upon the one beneath the waves.

EGM review - 10/10 - Andrew Fitch

Few American game designers have the obsessive, microscopic-level sensibilities of auteurs like Hideo Kojima or Suda51—but Levine is most assuredly one of them.

BioShock Infinite deserves to be experienced by every gamer of every possible stripe.

But just like Irrational’s 2007 trip through an undersea Objectivist paradise gone mad, this is far more than a simple first-person shooter; the experience will make players think, inspire them to explore, and leave them emotionally spent by the time it’s all over. With BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine cements his status as one of gaming’s elite creative minds.

Rock Paper Shotgun "review" - ??/?? - Alec Meer

Infinite’s a triumph in terms of fantasy-architecture spectacle and bringing superb flexibility to the modern rollercoaster shooter, but in other respects it’s a step down from the player agency and even the singular aesthetic of BioShock. Not that it necessarily needs to, as it is most certainly a game in its own right rather than mere offspring, but I’m not convinced it will live quite as long in our collective memory as did/does its parent. It sure does make me want to use superlatives like ‘majestic’, ‘lavish’ and ‘spectacular’ over and over again, though.

GamesRadar review - 5/5 - Lucas Sullivan

It’s the presence of companionship that elevates BioShock Infinite from being a great game to an astounding one, imbuing the exhilarating FPS gameplay with a sense of genuine humanity.

Infinite deserves your attention, and it’s the kind of landmark experience that happens only a few times in a gaming generation. Even after the game is over, Elizabeth--and Columbia--will stay with you.

PC Gamer review - 9.1/10 - Tom Francis

Infinite is wonderful. Every single person who can play it, should play it. It’s a fascinating and gruesomely fun adventure in a genuinely unique, magnificent place.

It’s a spectacular ending. It’s just a shame it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

BioShock Infinite is something extraordinary, and no one should miss it.

The Escapist review - 5/5 - Mike Wehner

Bioshock Infinite is both a breathtaking achievement in videogame storytelling and a marquee example of a game that will stick with you long after you see everything it has to offer.

Bioshock Infinite is in a class of games that only come around on very rare, very special occasions.

This is as close to perfect as videogames get.

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N4G has one I believe.

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Eurogamer 10/10

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For once it's nice to see someone take the time and put in the effort to make their game the best that they can and see it actually pay off. In a time when a lot of high profile sequels turn out middling or average at best, seeing Bioshock's sequel deliver on the premise of a bigger and better experience is heart warming.

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@humanity said:

For once it's nice to see someone take the time and put in the effort to make their game the best that they can and see it actually pay off. In a time when a lot of high profile sequels turn out middling or average at best, seeing Bioshock's sequel deliver on the premise of a bigger and better experience is heart warming.

its also nice to see a release without a bunch of people bitching about something.

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@bell_end: Well there is that whole other thread about how Irrational bribed IGN to get a positive early review out.

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Whelp pre-ordering the game right now. Hoping Sony does a midnight release on PSN.

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;________________________; Can't wait. I want it noooooooooooooow.

I am an impatient four year old.

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x360a gave it a perfect 100(except the achievements):


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Keep the good reviews coming. We need something to lift our spirit after visiting the crater that used to be SimCity.

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...and so begins another night where I cry myself to sleep wishing I had a better PC.

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9/10 -"It's Ok."

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I always thought Infinite looked pretty good but I never got really hyped up about it (I didn't like the first Bioshock that much) and my expectations still aren't throught the roof but of course I'm going to play it. Maybe I'll like it more than I thought I would (it'll certainly be an improvement to Resident Evil 6, the game I've been playing) because these reviews definetely look promising.

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Good numbers, good numbers

....now I might have to get this at some point, but I have to beat Bio 2 first

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Well, I think I got all of the major ones. Don't think I'm missing anyone so far. I'll update it if some other "big" reviews come up. Of course @jeff did not wake up at 5 am just to post a review. That's dumb. Really. It's a dumb thing to do. Also, I don't know if he has finished it yet. I blame tips for it.

So guys. I guess this Infinite game is ok. Cool.

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I'm glad to see this game seems to have come out well, especially after the rash of fairly uninspired/dissapointing sequels we have seen lately towards the end of this console generation.

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This kinda makes me determined to hate this game. I always did have problems with authority.

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<p>So it looks like maybe bioshock infinitie is ready to put its name in for the game of the year discussion already. It might easily be able to hold its place all year kinda like mass effect 2 did.</p> also thanks to @winternet for taking the time to do this. Much appriciated.

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Here's a steam code for the original Bioshock if anyone wants it.


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Good numbers, good numbers

....now I might have to get this at some point, but I have to beat Bio 2 first

Just finished Bio2 recently, you can do without playing it (it's actually pretty good) but for the most part, it's really more of the same.

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This reminds me of the Kotaku article back in 2008 where they "reviewed" the reviews of GTA IV.

It was great.

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Hype! Hype! Hype! It's nearly here.

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God Damnit, the hype machine is starting to catch on fire.

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So it's good I guess?

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Dammit, I have no money. Don't make me buy this game (I really want to). It's going to be one of 'those' games people will be talking about on podcasts for the near future as well, damn :(

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Great review numbers. Honestly I had my doubts if they could top what they did in the original bioshock. Looks like did by a mile. Can't wait till I can start playing this tomorrow.

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Wow. Was not expecting as many perfect scores as it's getting. Time has finally caught up to my PC, so this will be my first BioShock on console. I really hope that doesn't hinder my enjoyment. Hype is still at maximum level. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

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@geekdown: As with most things produced by Adam Sessler, it is an absolutely fantastic review. I highly recommend you at least listen to the video, that way you can save yourself from being spoiled by any of the visuals. I haven't played the game yet, but even if I were to completely disagree with Adam's opinion, the thoughtfulness of his review is precisely what the rest of game journalists should strive for.

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Well glad its good but I learned my lesson last year at Black Friday. Going to wait to buy this in six months it will be like $30 on sale somewhere. Same with Tomb Raider I wanna play that one too but just going to wait. Besides, I have more Metal Gear to play!

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Fuck, this game is crazy resource intensive o_0

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Only a few more days until pay day and getting this. I expected this to be good, but the reviews are outstanding so far. Consider my future money spent. Besides can't think of games I want to play over the next couple of months.

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Those review scores are okay I guess.

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So I was not too excited about this but these reviews and the words "great story" is really exciting me. I WANT!!! I own bioshock 1 I wonder if I need to play that first? I assume not.

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They did it! Happy for Irrational.

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Just bought it on Steam as it was too good an offer to pass up.

Not only was it reduced in price, but they gave you Bioshock 1 (which I never got around to playing in full) for free as well as the new XCOM plus some other little trinkets.

That, plus Bioshock 2 is on my list of Free games on Playstation Plus, so I can now eventually do a play-through of all 3 games for the price of less than one. Bargain!

Now I just need to find some time off to play them (that's easier said than done)

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Anyone know who is writing the review for Giantbomb? I'd guess Jeff is gonna review it since he reviewed Bioshock 2 on the site.

But good on Irrational for all the praise Infinite is getting.

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Stop falling victims to hype, people..

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@jacksmedulla: Yeah, I love his reviews, but I'll wait watching it until I'm a few hours into the game. I want to go into it completely fresh and not having seen much of it.

#45 Posted by BeachThunder (14043 posts) -

='( I really wish someone didn't post spoilers in a thread title earlier.

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So goddamm hyped to play this game,

@geekdown: Adam Sessler in the video said its one of the most remarkable creative feats hes ever experienced and says this story can only work in a interactive medium like videogames. and had no dislikes to give to the game. he also says hes never played a game like this where it reinvigorates, redefines the possibilities of videogames without getting rid of the fundamental pleasures of a videogame.

He hasn't given this high of a praise to a game Since Resident evil 4

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Just scrolling through to see the scores (on a review text blackout until I play Infinite). This game is killing it. Glad to see I'm not going to be burned by my preorder.

#49 Posted by Ramone (3080 posts) -

Is anyone reporting issues with the console versions? I would love to play it on PC but it's just not feasible.

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Just scrolling through to see the scores (on a review text blackout until I play Infinite). \

I only watched about four minutes of Sessler's review and I wish I would have kept up a "review text blackout" of my own. No spoilers, but just from what he showed in that four minutes, this is a game that people need to see all of on their own.