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@realph said:

@mrfluke: I did what I normally do in a BioShock game, tried to explore every area, listen to every Voxophone (audio log), and open every locked door I could find. I also worked out one of the ciphers but couldn't find the other one. Probably took me close to 18 hours.

The gameplay's still BioShock-y. I won't lie I'm not the biggest fan of the combat, but honestly I don't know how else they'd do it. When you're in control of your battle it is satisfying at times, it's just maybe a bit too frantic and crazy when it gets crowded.

So what your saying is my Sonbird edition was money well spent...

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So the reviews have started rolling in. Glad to know I'm not crazy and other people had an outstanding time with this game:

  • PC Gamer 91/100
  • IGN 9.5/10
  • Destructoid 10/10
  • Polygon 10/10
  • RockPaperShotgun No Score
  • Eurogamer 10/10
  • JoyStiq 5/5
  • GamesRadar 5/5
  • Edge 9/10
  • Penny Arcade No score
  • IGN (Xbox 360) 9.4/10
  • CVG (Xbox 360) 9.1/10
  • OXM (Xbox 360) 9/10
  • Playstation Official Magazine (PS3) 10/10
  • GameInformer(PS3) 10
  • Digital Spy (PS3) 5/5
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I think this Season Pass opened up in the menu when I finished the game, though I could be wrong. It appeared to be free but wouldnt let me purchase it, said I needed an obscene amount of Microsoft Points.

March 2014? Am I missing something?

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I haven't finished it yet (Elizabeth has just gotten her new clothes/piano part) I like the game a lot and I assume I'm past the halfway point and nothing has blown me away yet. It seems far more linear and gun combat heavy than previous games. The vigor-plasmids don't seem quite as useful in this game I used them all the time in previous Bioshocks. Whenever I throw something out it has often been an afterthought as so many enemies go down with one or two bullets.

I'm curious to see where the story goes and if there's an inevitable twist, so far it has been a lot of fun, but not favourite game of the year kind of fun. Maybe the back half will blow me completely away... I hope so anyways.

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@realph: I waited till my PC copy arrived, so I could play it with better graphics, and now that I finished it, I must say that I was wrong with my nod. It is not GOTY nominee, but a clear winner, and my new all time favorite game. Best game this generation, and since I've only been playing games since this gen, best game I've ever played. Every corner I turned, something new awaited me. The story twisted so many times, the ending blew me out of the water. Everyone should play this.