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Have you ever eaten food out of the garbage? (43 votes)

Yes 23%
No 65%
*Just show me the results* 12%

If you find a whole pineapple, there's no harm in eating it, right?

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My mom threw away a half empty bag of goldfish, but I guess they werent technically "in the garbage".

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I can honestly say no, I have not.

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i thought this was bioshock related so i said yes

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@tarsier said:

i thought this was bioshock related so i said yes

It was inspired by everyone's favourite dumpster-diver, Mr. DeWitt.

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There should be a 4th option in case you eat everything you see, regardless of origin and health consequences. Booze, cigarettes, rotten bananas. Don't give a fuuuuuuck.

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"You find yourself in Columbia. You see an eclair in the receptacle, and you think to yourself; what the hell, i'll just eat some trash."