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I rarely play FPSs. Exceptions include the Metroid Primes, a third of the original Bioshock back in the day before that console died and took my save game with it, and recently Dishonored. Oh, and of course the Portals.

I started Infinite on medium and ha ha ha no. Even bumped down to easy I find myself struggling, especial with the Patriots (I'm not super far in). I find myself dreading combat.

Aiming feels wild and floaty, so I've knocked to down a few notches, but I think it's compounded by that fact that I'm just... bad. Slow-paced, tactical (or target-locked) FPS is fine, great even. But here, I'm having a hard time with the speed.

So, on a very basic level, how do you play a shooter? I've recently learned that standing in one place eating bullets with my face while I clumsily shoot around my target is, maybe, not the best approach.

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Loot every body. Turn down the sensitivity. And finally, take your time, use the environment, crouch behind things to stop yourself being hit.

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Here's a few things that come to mind.

-Turn down the aiming sensitivity.

-Use cover.

-Focus on one person at a time.

-Take your time.

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As in all things, practice makes perfect. Keep your gun at enemy head/chest level when entering a new room, don't run into said room until you've scanned it from the doorway, practice strafing and finding cover/advantageous ground, know when to reload (this will come naturally in time) and know when to use each weapon.

I haven't played Infinite yet, but if it's like the other BioShocks, don't underestimate melee.

And NEVER forget: Shoot that guy.

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Thanks guys. I know it might seem painfully obvious to some, but that's really helpful advice. The 'take your time' thing especially. I realize I've been approaching every situation like everyone should just die because I enter a room and stand in the middle of it.

In all other respects I'm blown away by the game. I just don't want my badness to keep getting in the way.

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Found your problem.

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The first step would be to not stand in one place. Can you manage to move and shoot at the same time?

Another thing that you should definitely learn is how to keep track of the environment around you. Say you come across three dudes and one stationary turret and there's something you can place between you and the turret. You see two of the dudes run off to different sides and one come at you. Keep the cover between you and the turret, shoot the first dude, and then watch and listen for where you think the other two might be.

Remember, line of sight. Keep track of whose is where and where you can go to not be in the other guy's.

Melee dudes that might be near you if you can get to them without putting yourself in the sights of a bunch of other guys, or at least be quick about your dude-bashing and get back behind something.

And take it slow. This game is not Doom and you aren't Rambo. Use your iron sights. Kill guys from a distance if you can.

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Found your problem.


It gets worse -- I'm playing on PS3.

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@tidel: In terms of aiming, I find it helps to move your acutal guy to do fine adjustments to get your sites on. So for example, use the right thumb stick to get your reticle relatively close to the enemy then, say the reticle is slightly to the right of the baddie, use the left thumbstick to strafe left and the reticle comes into place. Also if the guys are moving around alot, try to predict where they are going to be and, as they move there, just start dumping and you're likely to hit the target.

Most AI in FPS will move around alot and then pause to shoot, so if you use that strafe method to do fine adjustments it makes you harder to hit and helps get your reticle on target.

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Don't be afraid to use the vigours a lot. In games where I have guns and powers I tend to just shoot and save my magic juice for later (and then end up barely using it the entire game). Don't be afraid to blow all your salts in one fight, it's pretty plentiful.

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@believer258: Moving and shooting is something I need to work on. I think I need to crank the sensitivity way down from where it's at.

@rollingzeppelin: That's great advice. I find myself getting all twitchy and inaccurate trying to do it all with the right stick.

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@theguy: I've just started getting braver with Vigors. I especially like the bronco one; it really helps offset my lack of other skills because of how it slows everything down.

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I'd say the most important thing to learn about FPSs is to learn to aim with your movement. At first your crosshairs should only be doing some rough aiming, getting somewhere close to your target, then you use your movement to actually bring it over your target. This way you're doing two things at the same time, aiming and dodging. Basically your view control (mouse or right stick) shouldn't really be moving that much, just home towards your next target. As you get more comfortable you can start worrying about trying to fine-tune your view so that you counter-act your moving allowing you to both move and constinuously keep the crosshairs on the target.

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@ares42: Right on. That makes a lot of sense.

Okay, I think I'm better prepared to approach this on its own terms.

Thanks again, all. I genuinely appreciate it. Also that no one was dicks.

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@theguy: I've just started getting braver with Vigors. I especially like the bronco one; it really helps offset my lack of other skills because of how it slows everything down.

Yeah the bronco is probably my favourite. You can take out the crow guys and the guys in heavier armour by just broncoing them and then blasting away at them in midair.