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I'm getting the game on 360 it's easily my most anticipated game this year, but all the footage that has been shown I assume is on pc because it looks way too good to be the 360 version. so I'm hoping the console versions look and run okay but i'm a little worried because nothing has been shown of them, can anyone clarify on whether or not there is any 360 footage out there and if so how it looks?

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i think that combat trailer was done on the 360 and it looked great. i wouldnt worry too much apparently its only some textures are kinda muddy which is kind of expected nowadays

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Most of the promotional footage is 360. Believe it or don't, it doesn't look as good as you think it does (I mean it looks GOOD, but you know what I mean)

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@dungbootle: Yeah I know what you mean, it was just an assumption that it was on PC because to me at least from the small bits I have seen from the game it looked too good to be the 360 version.

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@jimmyfenix: Yeah I that's to be expected, thanks a lot.

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I know there's leaked PS3 footage out and about. I won't risk popping my story cherry looking it up though, neither should you.

There was one (p)reviewer who said the 360 version had texture issues, and some frame rate dips in action packed sequences, though he might have played an early build. Infinite being an Unreal game on an 8 year old console, none of this is surprising.

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Most of the footage they've shown looks like it's being played on a high end PC, what with the heavy anti-aliasing and high res textures. The console versions will be fine though.

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@klager: Yeah I don't want to go near any of that, I have done really well avoiding a lot about the game, I have only really seen the E3 2011 demo and little else, I hold the original in such high regard and I know how I felt the first time I played that game and just go so absorbed in that world and everything I have seen of infinite gives me that feeling again,

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I've taken the same precautions. Only saw the E3 gameplay demo, and the new CG one, which was kind of underwhelming by the way.

I know the gameplay is pretty much BioShock, and I love that. The rest is the world and the story, and I want to experience that first hand, good or bad.

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The IGN video review should be out at midnight eastern tonight. Reviewer said there will be no spoilers but didn't say anything about system being used ect ect.