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Has anyone with severe motion sickness played this yet? Watching the Quick Look, I had to look away from the skyrail sequences because they made feel so sick. Can anyone tell me how prevalent these sequences are in the core game and if I can change any settings to make them easier to stomach? Many thanks.

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I got a little nauseated watching videos of skyrails, but never had any issue playing the game myself. Maybe it's a matter of having the control reducing that sensation?

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You can slow yourself down easily. And so far I have not been FORCED to fight on them. I can all ways hop off and fight on foot.

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As someone for whom a 5-minute car ride means an hour of feeling like shit, I had 0 problems with the skyrails in this game. That said, there are a handful of times where you have to use them for traversal and at least one battle where you have to use one to get to higher ground. The traversal sections mostly take place in open areas which may help.

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They are all over the place and you have to use them to get from area to area, though I haven't had to use them for combat yet.

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There's a small bit about halfway through the game where you'll need to use the skyrails, but it's really short.

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It's a first-person game, so people who get motion sickness shouldn't be able to play this game by default.

Or at least that's the case for me. I can't play any first-person games.

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I just drink some ginger ale or pop some Dramamine.

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Had a friend who couldn't play Mirror's Edge because of this.

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This is weird. I've never experienced motion sickness in video games. What happens exactly? Some kind of vertigo? Dizziness?

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Like the rest of the Bioshocks, I can't play it for more than an hour or so at a time before getting a headache. The view bobbing has been toned down from past games, but it still get's to me. The sky-rails specifically haven't given me any issues though.

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@klei said:

This is weird. I've never experienced motion sickness in video games. What happens exactly? Some kind of vertigo? Dizziness?

First skyrail I was on I threw up all over my new keyboard.

No but seriously, I haven't had any problems. If it bothers you though, you can slow down and even come to complete stops on them (except for a few sequences if I recall correctly). Also, when you're fighting on them, you can usually find a place to jump off. You're never really forced to ride them for long periods of time.

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They didn't bother me, but then again, I'm the kind of person who's been way into some of the tallest fastest roller coasters in the world for the past 10 years so motion sickness isn't really an issue for me.

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Change the FOV to max and make sure vsync is enabled.

The default FOV is way too close when playing a few feet away from a monitor and keeping a framerate consistent with your refresh rate should help too.