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I have 10 points in my Salts and yet the trophy wont unlock. I can also put more Infusion points into my salt capacity even though its maxed out!? I'm guessing it has something to do with the extra Infusion upgrades you get with the season pass but I could be wrong. Any of you experience this problem?

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It has a star when it is maxed out, when it says ten it needs one more infusion to max out.

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Thanks for the tip, sadly it did not work. So now I have put 11(technically) points into Salts with no trophy. I waited a few before reverting back to the checkpoint as I'm playing on 1999 and can't waste an Infusion.

EDIT: After trying it twice, the trophy popped. I don't know what made it unlock THIS time. I did the EXACT same things.

I hope that the trophies for beating it on 1999 mode and Scavenger Hunt UNLOCK or I'm going to be PISSED!