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Hi all,

Obviously i'm a "tad" late to the Infinite scene, haha, but i'm looking forward to playing the game soon. I'm just wondering if I should just get it or if there's any chance of a repackaged release in the near future (GOTY Edition) especially given the state of the company.

Thanks in advance!

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@michaelsuen: Might as well get it now because it's a good deal. I don't really remember previous Bioshocks getting GOTY editions but then again I don't remember any DLC apart from the highly overrated Minerva's Den.

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I don't recall if the previous games got Game of the Year Editions. But there is a BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition that includes the first two games and all the DLC. So there is precedent.

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There's the Infinite + Season Pass Bundle which is basically that. Burial at Sea is worth the extra 100% in price.

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@corruptedevil: Just wondering is the season pass for the 360 available in store? I'm not really a fan of purchasing things digitally.