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So, unlike apparently so many other gamers I don't have the time or stamina to blaze through games in a single evening/sitting. I have to play through my games in small spurts in my evenings after the wife and kid are asleep. I decided to pre-order my copy of Bioshock Infinite on PC along with the Season Pass so I got some in-game bonuses but I didn't know when I was supposed to see them or find them in-game. Yesterday I visited the "Steam Community" area and found some threads with my same concerns/questions but no solution. So, when I visited the "Steam Community" again today to see what the latest was on the DLC bonuses not showing up in-game I was unfortunately greeted to a huge text spoiler at the top of the page. So, be warned if you haven't finished the game and have the urge to browse the "Steam Community" section for a solution/update to an issue you are having.

They could really use some spoiler tag code there to avoid this crap.


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The steam forums are kindy scummy anyways. Lost of taste of them a long time ago when I had to 20 though nearly 20 hoops to try and make an account just to get help for an issue steam could not even fix.

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Thanks. I hang out there occasionally for the more PC oriented discussion, and I would have been pissed.

Not really surprising considering some of the d-bags I've seen there; One guy in the Tomb Raider section told me that since I only had a GTX470 I should "shut my mouth" because I'm not a "real PC gamer". Arrogant much?