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What control method are you using for the PC version of BioShock Infinite? (231 votes)

Mouse/Keyboard 49%
Gamepad 41%
If there's an other motherfucker, well, that's fucked up. 10%

I found that the gamepad works great, plus, I'm playing the game on my tv through an HDMI cable. In truth, BioShock Infinite reminds me of the original BioShock in that it's not the greatest of shooters. Probably why the gamepad works so well.

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I've been on the Xbox 360 since 2005 and I got a gaming PC earlier this year, and let's just say I'll never touch a controller again!

What the hell have I been doing with my life aiming with an analog stick? This mouse shit is THE BEE'S KNEES

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M&K, of course.

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I like my aiming to not be shitty, thanks.

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Twitchy camera takes me out of games, it's why I use a 360 controller unless I'm playing a competitive shooter.

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I hate aiming on a controller but the mouse options suck, it feels really, really sensitive. Like I barely move my mouse and the aim is just all over the place, the in-game options aren't working properly because it's automatically set really low, yet it's still super sensitive. Any higher and it's truly unplayable. :/

I guess I should try lowering the DPI in the mouse control panel but that's never been an issue in other games. I feel the game is applying a different level of mouse control, every other game feels the same sensitivity as just moving around the desktop.

One plus to the controller is the right thumbstick is a better way of using ironsights than the middle mouse button. (or any other mouse button that isn't right click since that is used for tonics)

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Knowing me, I'll probably alternate between the two.

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I've been using Mouse and keyboard and it works well, the mouse sensitivity takes a little getting used to though. I heard that if you're using a gamepad and you wanna use another vigor than the two you have equipped you have to pause the game and select the others from the menu whereas on keyboard you just use the number keys so I'll probably stick with it.

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I want to enjoy myself playing the game instead of sitting scrunched up at my desk, so controller obviously.

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this being a 1st person game mouse and keyboard all the way (they i did change the default keys)

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I was gonna controller but I want to swap vigors quickly so I'm going with KBM

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@heltom92: If you hold the switch vigor button on the gamepad it'll allow you to swap out the two vigors you have available.

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Birth controls.

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I usually play with a controller because the precision you gain from K/M isn't really worth the trade off (less confort and no analog movement) for most games. That's just me, it's really a matter of preference.

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I find headshot with a rifle is satisfying and save ammo by the way. So I turn off the aim assist, auto lockon in controll profile.

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Laid back with an controller in my hand, is there any other way to play a game? Ofc there is but im not touching M&K for an casual shooter.

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Unless it's a competitive shooter (not that I play them that much anymore) or a RTS I prefer to play my games with a controller.

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M&K as of now but im thinking of switching. That mouse sensitivity is nonsense

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Track IR and HOTAS, duh.

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M&K I don't really care about extra precision in single player games. It's being able to use all the vigors without having to pause the game is main advantage. I really hate having to pause the action and bring up a wheel all the time.

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Started out with M&K but it's kind of uncomfortable leaning forward all the time, especially for a long single player game. I think I'll probably switch to controller so I can just lean back, I don't really care about being super accurate in this type of game.

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Gamepad here.

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M&K for possess, raven swarm, and shock jockey switching.

Goddamn 1999 mode.

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Started off with M/K but something felt off so i switched to my PS3 controller. I'll probally give the M/K another try when/if i ever go play the 1999 mode, just for better vigor sqitching

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M+KB. Might do my second playthrough with a 360 controller just for fun.

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I've played shooters on computers since I was a teenager. I've only played shooters on consoles for a few years. The difference in control I have between the two is not even comparable.

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Gamepad. I've moved my computer into the living room recently. I have a wireless keyboard and a mouse, but for gaming my 360 controller is way more comfortable.

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M&K, headshots man, headshots.

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I play my console ports with a controller, thank you very much.

I mean, it's bioshock... you don't need hot twitch 360 no scope reaction skills to beat the shit out of people with a wrench...I mean hook.

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Mouse and keyboard as always. I don't like having to pause the game to switch vigors. Not that it's game breaking or anything, I'd rather just tap the button and have it come up.

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I was going to use mouse and keyboard but the sensitivity seemed pretty crazy. I just couldn't find an amount I was happy with so I just played through with a controller instead. Didn't really have much trouble (3 frustrating, identical fights late in the game aside) even on 1999 difficulty.

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Keyboard makes it really easy to switch between vigors. The less radial pausing, the better.

Yeah, the sensitivity is really crazy. I had to turn the slider all the way down to get to a comfortable level.

Then I set my mouse to 5700 dpi with the game slider all the way to the right, and I became the Tasmanian Devil.

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It's a shooter on the PC. I'd be crazy to play it with anything but M&KB

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I switched to the controller for about five minutes, then switched back to the KBM and haven't looked back since.

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m&k, Headshots with the sniper yo!

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I agree w/ the mouse being difficult, but still I have been doing K+M. I'm very tempted to do another playthrough though (on hard or whatever) and also on gamepad. Slowly though, I have gotten used to this Rocat mouse I bought. My previous Death Adder screwed up on me, but really should have bought enother.... Except Rocat does have button dpi adjustment...which I forgot about and am no longer using. Heh.

Just getting used to how they have it set up (minus acceleration).

It's not the first time.

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I just moved the sensitivity slider all the way down and it's fine. I played a bit with a 360 controller but I didn't care for it.

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Mouse and keyboard is the best way to play first-person shooters.

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If y'all motherfuckers think sitting and your desk is uncomfortable you either have horrendous posture or you need a better chair.

I kinda really don't like using controllers at all, but even if I did I wouldn't use one, cause I need that precision to headshot every enemy with the pistol. The noise it makes when you headshot enemies really adds to the experience for me.

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I'm 6 hours in according to Steam and using the controller and it's really comfortable and satisfying. Probably the only proper choice for playing this game in any sensible fashion really.

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@humanity said:

I'm 6 hours in according to Steam and using the controller and it's really comfortable and satisfying. Probably the only proper choice for playing this game in any sensible fashion really.

stop trolling

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Depends on where I'm playing, projector or monitor. I find that the when using the controller there is some weird weight to the sensitivity, almost like a Killzone or something.

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@humanity said:

I'm 6 hours in according to Steam and using the controller and it's really comfortable and satisfying. Probably the only proper choice for playing this game in any sensible fashion really.

stop trolling

If you have something against my preference of peripherals then that's your own prerogative but would you kindly not project your negative assumptions onto me.

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