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It'll be on the GOTY list. It might be a contender I don't know. I ain't got no tears to look through so I can't say.

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It is without a doubt a game of the year contender.

All time classic? I doubt it. In fact, I think that we will see very few titles from this generation be long remembered as all time greats since we seen such a homogenization of gameplay types.

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It is without a doubt a game of the year contender.

All time classic? I doubt it. In fact, I think that we will see very few titles from this generation be long remembered as all time greats since we seen such a homogenization of gameplay types.

Today I'd sort of agree but never underestimate how differently we will think once a decade or two has passed with this generation of games. I feel the next generation of classic games will be chosen not for gameplay, but their emotional or entertainment impact it had on the masses. I can see Bioshock Infinite being a classic purely due to the well-crafted world alone as I honestly haven't seen such a visually striking place like Columbia in a game ever (and likely many others haven't either). That's just my subjective opinion on the matter anyway.

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This thread has taught me that comparing Bioshock Infinite to Dragon Age 2 and Prototype is the same as people falling for XavierBritish's flamebait: Ridiculous and should just stop

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Columbia is a reflection of Booker's troubled mind in a lot of ways, he did terrible things during his time as a soldier that he found impossible to justify to himself so when he became Comstock and the prophet he found the best way to cope with this was to craft this world where his sins weren't seen as such. This can be applied to a lot of the attitudes and politics of the city, not saying that the time the game was set and other factors didn't also play into this, but it's a lot more personal than you'd think before reaching the conclusion of the game.

I mean without this guilt he wouldn't have been led to seek baptism and then whole identity split wouldn't have happened, the racism issue is vital in this respect.

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Yes. Both. Like the Original Bioshock only for the end of the generation instead of the beginning.

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Predicting it will be between Infinite and The Last of Us for Giant Bomb's GOTY, but Infinite will win.

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@somedelicook: And that audio logs are infinitely better than cryptic item descriptions/poorly spoken NPC dialogue.

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A classic? no. I

t will without a doubt be remembered but I wouldn't throw classic out there, GOTY contender? too early in the year to tell.

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It will definitely be an important landmark on video game history.

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Well I don't think it should be at least. Its good but Im with the crowd saying it doesn't deserve all this lofty praise. Its real easy to get caught up thinking like that with everyone in the media making such a big deal about it. Personally I think DmC is still the best thing I've played. Then again I come to games for mechanics not story.

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I think it will be remembered come awards time, but there are enough big games coming out this year that are early obvious picks for western press darlings for a GOTY to not be a sure thing.

I also think people are going to start to turn on the whole 'protect the girl' thing happening in a lot of games right now. Walking Dead, Bioshock and soon Last of Us. I'm betting by the summer, when TLoU and the next Walking Dead episodes come out people will start to have some sort of manipulation fatigue. Which would make something like a GTA feel even more refreshing than usual.

That's my 100% accurate future predictions that can't possibly not happen because I didn't just make it all up.

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Classic? most definitely, its one of the best games this gen, if this had come out 2-3 years ago, people wouldn't be so down on the combat i think.

GOTY? we'll see, 2 new consoles are launching this year, they might have something that could wow people enough.

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I will be happy if this game isn't in my top 10, because that would mean there are 10 better games this year, which would be incredible.

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Yes it will probably be a GOTY contender, especially on Giantbomb. I think it's a great game but it has some serious flaws and is nowhere near the first Bioshock game. This guy makes a lot of good points http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ2cSKBFBDQ. I even forgot about all the systems in the first game. Photography, hacking, Big Daddy tactics, using the different factions against each other and so on.

Time and time again video game critics overlook gameplay. Sure there is a lot to love in Infinite that can make you overlook gameplay but after all this is a video game. The combat is worse than the first Bioshock because you don't have epic Big Daddy fights, hacking or all the other fun. A game that's supposed to be about an emotional connection to Elizabeth and then having hours and hours of mindless shooting?

Then there's the problem with the characters. Elizabeth is the only character they explore. Slate, Fitzroy, Comstock, Lady Comstock, Songbird etc are not that interesting because you don't learn a whole lot about them and it makes the game feel rushed. I felt like the characters in the first Bioshock game were done so much better.

Arguably the most important part of the game is Elizabeth and we don't even get to know her that well. She goes from an innocent child to an angry woman to an omnipotent god without much reflection. I would really have liked some more conversations with her about her in place of all the arenas with hours of shooting.

It's still a great game and I don't care this much about games that I don't love. But it's a step back and a 4/5 for me. Also, a girl that studies quantum mechanics and twins that are brilliant physicists that are really the same person. I love that!

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The only thing I can say with certainty is that Bioshock Infinite is a great game, and deserves to be remembered as such.

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If this is the best game to come out this year then video games are dead.

If this is the best trolling I see all year, then trolling is dead. Fingers crossed.