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I had trouble finding Blacklight Retribution on PSN, but it's there, hidden away underneath the digital-only games.

It looks old as hell, and is trademark-unreal pop-in at its best, but it's a decent CoD clone.

Oh yeah, and it's free-to-play.

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I was wondering if it was any good. I kinda liked the first one. And what the hell, it's free right?

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I might look into it once this 45gig 2k14 install finishes.

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Off Topic: Quick Question to anyway that has a ps4.

So even if someone buys a disk of a Video Game, does it have to go through a huge install to play it?

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@bslayer: It's very, very mediocre. But you can't go wrong with free!

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Very mediocre indeed.

It would be a lot better if the connections were better. Host advantage is obscene.

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@falserelic: No, not really. There is a bar that shows up under the game on the XMB, but it usually lets you start playing within a minute.

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@psylah said:

@falserelic: No, not really. There is a bar that shows up under the game on the XMB, but it usually lets you start playing within a minute.

thanks, that's cool to hear. At the moment I'm debating whether to get the ps4 or Xbone first. It feels like they both have the same features. I can't seem to decide which to combat first.

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I rather enjoyed my time with the game back in 2012 but stopped playing in favour of Planetside 2 then eventually Warframe. I couldn't put up with just how janky Blacklight seemed in comparison. Maybe it has improved since but the limited map rotation, bugs and hacking quickly ruined that game when I was playing it. The weapon configuration is really awesome but to really get what you wanted required a heck of a time investment and grinding. You could unlock a weapon at level 15 for example but still be unlocking parts for it 100 hours later or just dump some cash in and get it right away and completely remove a lot of the challenge as a lot of later upgrades for weapons add elemental effects and damage.

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i started playing it today and have noticed that theres only around 10 players ever! its a fun free to play but ive played the same 3 maps about 50 times now plus i cant really justify buying the z coins to unlock weapons when theres hardly anyone on.

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its a good test case to try out how a 30fps cod style shooter works on vita remote play.

works fairly well.

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@lamarrsanomaly: I've seen some hitches in framerate, but it usually seems to happen if the host has a shitty connection. Wish they had dedicated servers for this game. I like the game, I just wish it was easier to get into a game. Sometimes during the day I can't find a game at all.