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Post them here!  I'll start with this lovely screeny of Pownce (Whiskey Media's Andy McCurdy) and me chillin' in Orgrimmar.   

Here is one of Supergum and me:

Good luck and have Batman!
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Leutak humping a camel while doing his famous boss fight explanations. 
Uncola and Supergum can also be seen. Babble and I are behind the bear humping the camel.
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Wait is that the repair and vendor mount?

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@Thrawnkkar said:
" Wait is that the repair and vendor mount? "
Yep.  I roll hard.
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@Bloviator You roll hard indeed. I'll have to make love to you now.
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Is it really just you two in these forums? well not anymore!!   

Me chillin in Cowtown... yup the ui is a rip of Towelliee's UI, but hey that one is pretty darn good.
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For right now, I know our pretty ladies Nye and Runa both are here, just havent posted yet. Babble should be here soon and Rawfle and Lwyll are lurking too.

It'll take sometime. But we'll get it Populated. :P

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@Thrawnkkar: I'm in your forums watching you masturbate
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^ Thats Nye.

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This is Runa. I actually had a screen pic but I don't know what happened to it. 

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 Runa & her Spectral Tiger
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@Tlieso This picture is filled with win.
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Hey yall, I'm just checking in, no sweet pics yet, you'll just have to imagine me from memory (which means you will all conjure up an image of a Kitty failing and dying by standing in shit).
- Uncola

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Cola! You hath made it!

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@Thrawnkkar: Thanks! 
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 @bcjohnnie: don't worry bout it, i got a sweet screen of you.

oh and here I am jumping my sweet ass hog with a hot orcie in the side seat

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Busy night for me.  Won't put them all on here, but here's one:

5000 honorable kills here.  Cheevos!
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@Bloviator: Good lord man, how can you stand pvp
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@Thrawnkkar:   Dunno.  Just really like healing in battlegrounds.
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 Xtreme Rocket
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Xtreme! Runa is slamming Dew.

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I went back to Azshara to do the quests on my druid.  I got to the part where you're placed in mid-air and fall to your death.  I died, but I wondered what would happen if I abandoned the quest and retried while throwing on flight form in the mid-fall.  Retried it.   I went into flight form and died in the air as though I'd hit an invisible floor.  The next part is a screeny from that.  Dead and a bird.  I completed the quests.  Again, ghost bird.
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@Bloviator: We call this hax. You sir, have haxed.
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Lich King, Halfus, Argaloth killshots. My Halfus one kinda sucks. Also TLPD, for the e-peen. 
 I forgot to cap the BWD bosses, though, hah. 
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Right before the drop. Look at Karakus roar in the front. So manly.
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Deathwing is a punk.  Guess he's paying me back for punching him in his stupid face.
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If anyone has a picture of that dragon throwing me off a cliff, I'd rally appreciate it. Trash in BWD

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Couple pics from tonight

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How could you fools not include the Sunwell one   

Left to right: Deathwing being a hacker in Tanaris, the Sunwell killshot, Sunwell kill with everyone ON FIRE, Swimming in Badlands (lolz glitches) and Valonia killshot
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Havin' a fish...

...and so what if i play on low settings!?!
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@supergumxp That's his hax!! He plays on the low settings!
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Just a typical night for the Bomb Squad.
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Thrawn chilling out with the Papa Death Knight
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@LibraryDues: Uhhh... what's with all the clothes in that pic thrawn?  Lich King likes some SKIN!
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@bcjohnnie: I like to think I satisfied Arthas's notorious foot fetish
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Just me watching the healers play with their balls.

Getting ready to play with Arthas' balls.
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the insanity of a Cho'gall attempt! Even the kinda hardened members of the raiding team quiver at this sight!
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@Thrawnkkar: This looks terrifying.
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 Yo I got Anzu!
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@Makoma: Your success inspires me.
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@Makoma said:
 Yo I got Anzu!
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Fishing really is hell!

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@supergumxp said:
" Fishing really is hell!

Fishing, Fishing never changes
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Getting ready to wipe again.

We'll kill you yet Nef.
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 Kicking it old school! With Sek
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@Soapy86: Really stoked to see you back in the game. You're on of the few folks from the "first phase" of the guild to have returned.
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I didn't really want to leave, but since Cataclysm, my WoW performance has been very inconsistent.  It doesn't run as smooth as it used to in pre-Cata zones, frequent crashes in new zones, etc.

I'm going to try and remedy the issue soon-ish so I can be on more regularly.