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By the request of Babble, a guild Minecraft server. No real hard rules, just don't go around burning shit to the ground. This is a build server, where you can spawn things in and build whatever you feel like building.

 5/11/11 - Moved server to offsite EC2, running on a custom Minecraft server architecture called Bravo. Chests and redstone don't work properly, but everything else seems fine. Commands have changed, make sure to hit /help to check them out.

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Heh, thanks. If you ever get sick of hosting it you can always send me the world file and I can put it up.

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I have a beach house and a house back by a nice pond in the trees, and I dug a REALLY big ass hole under it.

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Some stuff that has been built on the Minecraft server:

Babble's House
My first attempt at a boat with Babble's house in the background

The S.S. Troidy, my second, much better boat, complete with crew quarters

And, finally, Azizz's beach house along with my lighthouse.

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Hey Babble! Put the world back up, I want to build crap!

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@Makoma said:

" Hey Babble! Put the world back up, I want to build crap! "

Hey, which one do you folks want? Survival or the unlimited build?

EDIT: Server running.


Currently set to free build, if people request I can switch it over to the survival map we started.
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MAN Survival was fun...but I think it'd piss people off. Thanks Babs!

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It would seem that when I host everyone else experiences significant lag. If anyone else is interesting in hosting let me know. It would appear I am not the ideal solution. 

I'll take a look tomorrow and see if there is a solution, I was just running off the vanilla server client, and briefly read using an alternate solution may reduce lag.