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Raid, Gear and Leveling News!

Our gear upgrades are slowing down, with only our regular PVPers, new 85s and Alts significantly increasing their ilvl. With a vast majority of our raid team having everything they need from the Raid bosses we have on farm status and Heroic Halfus giving us fits at the moment this is to be expected.

First we had some new 85s since I last did this, give Jonnyflash, Ayida, Heretica grats on their mains 85 and Supergum, Venenn, VitaminC, Galvarcus and Myself grats for getting our Alts to 85! If I missed you let me know, I have a bad memory.

We did see two new Raid Members break 360, give Venenn and Galv congrats! And the guild Super Stud, Supergum went up another ilvl point to 362.

Also Heretica since hitting 85 has skyrocketed to Raid ready with an ilvl of 351. Start signing up for raids duder!

I’ll post The List now. Get ready to gloat or feel bad!

1.        Supergum            362

2.        Venenn                 360

3.        Galvarcus             360

4.        Thrawn                  359

5.        Leutak                   359

6.        Nyeneave            359

7.        Uncola                   359

8.        Azizzmuck            358

9.        VitaminC               358

10.    Lwyll                       358

11.    Babble                   356

12.    Dasix                      356

13.    Troidy                    355

14.    Rawfle                   352

15.    Crunkles               351

16.    Istabthings           351

17.    Heretica                351

18.    Burax                     350

19.    Dulji                        349

20.    Uhgzugtagug      348

The raid group from last Sunday’s Cho’Gall drop has an average ilvl of 358. And the other 10 active 85s that are raid ready have an average ilvl of 352.6. Also, Stabby, report in or I’m moving you to inactive!

In addition to the above raid ready members, we have 8 alts that have hit or already had hit 85.

Karakus               (Dasix)                   354

Turboether          (VitaminC)           353

Nywin                    (Nyeneave)         350

Vennen                 (Venenn)             343

Asdrubael            (Thrawn)              341

Galvircus               (Galvarcus)          335

Fenniesh              (Azizzmuck)         333

Warmeat              (Supergum)         326

85s in need of gear help and dungeon help are standing at 3! Give Jonnyflash, Sekhera and Ayida your help and time running dungeons and suggest to them any crafted gear or rep gear that might help them! They currently stand as such:

Jonnyflash           340

Sekhera               336

Ayida                      331

Leveling news brings us the aforementioned good news and some bad news. The bad news, is as expected the 4.1 bump was short lived and most of the new members plus some have already gone inactive. The below members have stopped showing up. If you know why let me know or if you see them ask if they are quitting, especially Levels, who has been 82 for almost 2 weeks now if my memory serves.

Cyndra                   82

Levels                    82

Soapy                     82

Luckyharms         71

Machs                    70

Neonlobster       64

With those six members going away, we are back down to four members leveling above 60 outside the 20 raiders we have. I think this means we are at 28 active guild members? I’m not sure.

Please give Yimel, Dienapsten, Syrasong and Goofus encouragement and help when needed.

As a reminder to you guys who have not raided or not raided much, sign up for the weekend raids, we will rotate you in on bosses for people that don’t need gear from them. You need to sign up, then SHOW UP and then stay on during the raid time. We go from 9-12 EST. Also download Mumble which you can find the info for in this forum and watch the videos for the fights in Blackwings Decent, Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds.

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Also yes I'm bored at work a lot.

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If only I arena'd I might catch up ol Super's iLvl.  Bah, fuck that.  Alphabetical order will keep me ahead of Venenn for awhile.

But what about when Azizz hits 359?  /horror
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@LibraryDues: You do know Ven is my arena partner right? :P

It doesnt really matter though, not like i use pvp gear in pve.
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New member named Fuzzbuz who is he'll bent on hitting 85 and raiding with us. Welcome him!

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@supergumxp: Why...  um... of course I knew that!

I have never tried Arena since dipping my toe in for a few thrashings in Burning Crusade.  I wonder if Frost DKs are any good at it.  I'd imagine the AoE freeze could be useful.
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@LibraryDues: find a rogue you will win everything
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God damn DK+Rogue+Healer... friken op

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First post updated with newest news!