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I don't know why I think it's so funny that Matt Rories stat bar is all power! Anyways, this is awesome man thanks for sharing.

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Definitely one of my favourite bits of GB fan art I've seen go up recently. You should be proud.

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Got to play a little Windjammers over at MAGFest last weekend. This is all I was thinking about.

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I really love this, it's beautiful. It saddens me to realize that Ryan was never around to experience the Windjammers-infiltration, but I know he'd be all aboard. Probably give Jeff a run for his money.

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jeff reminds me of dave the barbarian

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Throwing in my vote for Windbombers

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God I wish Bombjammers was an actual thing I could play. That wallpaper is amazing.

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This is awesome. I started working on my own Bombjammer game but stopped after realizing I don't really know all that much about Windjammer mechanics.

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A mild suggestion for Ryan's flag: California.

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That is awesome man! Nice job!