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i really like the background painted look, and that chainmail is siiick,
upon closer inspection tis might not be chainmail but the textured undershirt, is badass.

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Wow, this is some great work. I love your style, and it really captures brads playstyle (in the beginning). I might post my old flight club sketches now... Never got around to drawing Dave though, I really need to remedy that.

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Excellent work, duder, and is that a divine rapier that Brad's sporting?

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That grass looks uhhh... suspicious... Great art duder!

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Love it.

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Nicely done! There's a great attention to detail, not to mention the charm.

No invader standing behind Brad, prepared to backstab him? I suppose they're just slightly out of frame.

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A great rendition of the legendary wizard Brad "I'M NOT A WIZARD" Shoemaker.

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Brad is the greatest battle-mage of our time. Great job.

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I think we need a new drawing of Brad loosing his fucking mind over a crystal lizard.

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Can we all agree that Brad's official waifu is The Maiden in Black.