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I realized that we dont have a thread in here to both check in so we know you have access to the forums, and to let everyone know who you are on the site and game. 
Im Azizzmuck, the cute one.

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Zvoruna (mainly), Brizae (occasionally) 

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Supergum here... I tank and heal. 
Oh, and Tolkin is my alt. 
edit: new alt, Warmeat

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Your huggable druidic pal Rawfle, and your retired Orc Warrior Gorkus.

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Leutak-Tank, DPS, the main 
Leutalla-Hunter, newest lowbie for shits n giggles

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Larso, the asshole

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Windshroud checking in... 

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Uncola - Kitty first, Lazer Chicken second, and apparently tank now whenever people need...
Also Uncolette is my Priest languishing in the high-40s right now

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Nyeneave, resident Uncola killer and uber priest. 
Nywin, slightly less awesome but totally cute hunter.

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Frakes...and Luchadeer on special occasions.

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@Babble who are you in game?
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@Thrawnkkar said:
" @Babble who are you in game? "
You can refer to me as "that other warlock".
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I am Cl in game, I haven't been on in a while though, I've been really busy. 

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Hey dogs, in game I am  
Thrawn (Death Knight)
and when feeling alty I may take on  
Asdrubael (Warlock)
Slytusk (Druid)
Started with the Druid, then transferred the warlock, my first main, over.  This proved to be a bit of a mistake since I had already extensively playd those two classes, so I decided to try out my first plate-wearer.  And here I be.

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@sdornan: Where you been!? You were signed up for the last 2 raids and you havnt even been on!
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In-laws came to visit this weekend. Also, I'm going out of town for spring break tomorrow. I signed up for the raids before I knew of these plans.

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Istabthings. I do!

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@sdornan Ah. Ok. We thought you pulled your wife's aggro and she wiped you. As in murdered you.

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Arrgo here, the other asshole.

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Galvarcus here.  
Looking forward to kicking some bosses ass tonight!
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Venenn the Holy Pally, finally got around to getting my access.

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My account is temporarily on hold til I get my new debit card in the mail. 

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This is Jonnyflash checking in. Great to be on here with you all.

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@Tlieso :(
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I'm Blex. I'm the short green guy who manages to piss off even the largest dungeon bosses. It's a skill.

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Hey, Vitaminc here. My toon has three noserings and five earrings. That's 10 rings right there.

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@Windshroud:  @CL60:  @Bloviator:  Hey guys! Just checking to see if your still alive, we miss you back in the guild! 
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This is burax you know the one that complains and says also alot

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Ayida the drood here... Back from my home server for awhile and finally got some sweet forum access here :D I'll get to 85 someday....

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@sdornan Oooo, someone has a staff tag now. Sexy sexy.
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@Thrawnkkar said:

@sdornan Oooo, someone has a staff tag now. Sexy sexy.

Indeed. :)

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@sdornan: We miss you. Come back soon.
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Mmm. We hope you're doing well, Larso. 

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Jexie checking in.  Finally got some decent internet!