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Poll: Do you think we will see any GB:NY content this week? (219 votes)

Pre-recorded video of some sort 13%
Really rough live stream 7%
A written article update 5%
Vinny appearance on Bombin' The A.M. 20%
Nadda 55%

I'm not holding out much hope for anything really, but a guy can dream.

#1 Posted by Jesus_Phish (1273 posts) -

Nadda with a possibility of Vinny appearing on Bombin'. Vinny moved his family to NY and he probably needs a bit of time with them to get set in.

#2 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (178 posts) -

I seem to recall a few bombcasts ago that they said it would take 3 or 4 weeks to actually get things set up in NY so my vote is for nadda.

I mean, they still have to sort out studio space. Right?

#3 Posted by FinalDasa (2154 posts) -

Vinny just moved, they're both only just back from E3, and they haven't even stepped foot into their studio space. Give them some time!

Knowing Vinny and Alex they'll be cooking something up and it'll be worth the wait.

#4 Posted by Pie (7119 posts) -

Man as long as Vinny throws up a picture of a dump onto the site GBNY will have exceeded expectations

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Unless they decide to do some kind of "How to Build a Bomb in New York" thing (which might be a bit sparse if they don't have a secret third man to hold a camera), I'ma say nadda.

#6 Edited by Party (119 posts) -

Is this where I make a "they're still getting used to the new office" joke?

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@party said:

Is this where I make a "they're still getting used to the new office" joke?

Ha, beat me to it.

#8 Posted by Milkman (17483 posts) -

They're still getting used to to the new coast.

(In all seriousness, these things take time.)

#9 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6091 posts) -

I doubt it. It'll take a while longer to get set up after E3.

#10 Posted by wjb (1718 posts) -

I totally forgot about this. E3 happened and then it's like, "Oh, right."

I would like to see at least a Bombin' appearance. That'll be weird.

#11 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

There's going to be a Bombin' the AM this Friday. That much we know. That means when Scoops signals to Alex that it's time to sign out, Vinny pops in the room, yells, "AWOOOH!", and the stream ends. We get maybe half a second of a confused, disgusted Alex staring daggers into Vinny.

#12 Posted by RioStarwind (579 posts) -

A three way Bombing' in the AM sounds doable if Vinny somehow gets his PC this week. Otherwise they will be spending the week/month setting up the office and ordering stuff.

#13 Posted by FLStyle (4996 posts) -

I wouldn't be against a quick video diary of the new digs.

#14 Edited by SomeDeliCook (2341 posts) -

I wonder what will happen first, GBNY making a video after settling in or GBCA posting a video of anything

My bets are on lone wolf Patrick getting about 5 videos before either make 1

#15 Edited by Party (119 posts) -

@somedelicook: Sigh. You are probably right. That makes me sad. Really, really, really sad. I can't stand solo content...

#16 Edited by Stackboy (530 posts) -

I'll be surprised if we see any new content on Giant Bomb before the Bombcast, considering how massive last week was.

#17 Edited by Stonyman65 (2912 posts) -

Probably not. My guess is that we won't see much on the site at all for the next week or two while the while they decompress from E3.

#18 Edited by Icemo (665 posts) -

My bet is a "Building a NY bomb"-video maybe next year.

#19 Edited by HerbieBug (4208 posts) -

Oh, i'm sure something easy to record may pop up. Vinny on AM show is most plausible of the options. Keep in mind this is the same Vincent Caravella who posted a video from home the same week his son was born. Or some several days after, I don't recall exact time frame. He was showing the notes he had taken while playing Fez. :D

And yes do please do a video tour of the new workspace. I find those videos fascinating for no reason that I can pinpoint. I still remember the new office videos from the basement Whiskey office. That was such a strange place to run a business from. Standing water in some spooky back room. Gigantic bar... thing... place.

#20 Posted by Aetheldod (3788 posts) -

Bahhahaha .... really? Its going to be 1 week to rest from E3 , 1 week to "move in to the new office" , 1 week to get the tricaster working ,1 week to set up the studio ... we will be lucky if they make some audio stuff on a cel phone.

#21 Posted by Nightriff (5489 posts) -

Ha! Good one. Weeks and weeks before we really get anything. Come on, they are getting used to the new office space.

#22 Posted by Corwag (132 posts) -

Hey, a GB NY video posted this week!

#23 Posted by TheHT (11993 posts) -

That on location interview was great! Wouldn't mind seeing more stuff like that.


#24 Posted by Ben_H (3470 posts) -

Videos on console repairs sounds neat. I imagine a place like that would get lots of neat specialty repairs too.

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Prayers = Answered

Thank you, based G BEAST!