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Sorry if there is already a thread for these stupid things, I couldn't find it.

As soon as I saw UPF this past Friday I knew someone had to do this. So here's my 10 minutes of googling and mucking about with Windows Movie Maker.



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Someday the scholars will write about Giantbomb's June 18th live streams. Mario Kart 8 + in-depth hentai discussion followed by a digital ride of the snake with Mass Effect's menu music? C'mon, son. Over 9,000, meme meme meme!

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He looks so goddamned happy. I hope he one day gets to go to space for real.

Oh, and nice work duder!

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It's.... it's full of stars!

*in before Drew transcends to incorporeal state of being*

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You guys wanna know a weird thing: Drew looks just like my brother-in-law. It's been freaking me out for years, it's almost creepy. GIFs like this don't make it any better.

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They should've sent a poet.

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Drew took some acid you guys need somebody else in the control room.

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Considering Drew was dropping the most unsubtle of references to 2001, I figured I might as well take this opportunity to share this particular gem:

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You know, that's how I assume Drew lives his life in general. Just along for the ride, man.