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Not doing anything but suggest here, but what if Friday we do BWD to clear and then work on Heroic Halfus. That way we get the gear from BWD to help with Halfus and get to gear up the rotationals, and if we clear it as fast as we did last Friday we still get an hour and a half to work on Halfus, and then we have all day Saturday for Halfus/Nef and all day Sunday for Nef or if we get burned out on it try Valonia and Theralion on Heroic either day.

Just a suggestion, seems like a better management of our time.
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@Thrawnkkar: Then when do we do the rest of BoT on normal? The idea is that we have a hardcore day of progression, then a nice farm break, then another hardcore progression day.
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@troidy not till after we drop halfus, you can't eat your pudding if you don't eat your meat!

It was just a suggestion, I'm happy either way. He's going down.
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I see what azizz is saying... but the way im seeing it, we'll probably take heroic halfus + bot + bwd on friday, so it'll leave us plenty of time for nef. hehe

Well as long as my isp doesnt screw me over again.
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Your Internet provider is balls.

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Nye and I were invited to a friends birthday party Saturday at 4pm our time ( I am trying to bribe him into moving it up to 3pm our time), or 7pm sever time. If I can move it up an hour we should be able to leave when the raid starts, and be back in about 30 minutes or so, so only be around 30 minutes late, if I CANT bribe him into moving the time to 3, then we will probably be around an hour late, give or take a half hour.

I dont know what you would want to do, move us to stand by or tentative or just remove us. I can guarantee we will be there Saturday, just dont know exactly when. And I would blow this off, but its probably the best BBQ Smoke House with in 20 miles of our house. 

Thankfully, as long as we dont ghetto stomp Halfus Friday, Saturday is just farm night followed by bashing our head against Nef, we should be back while you guys are still clearing bosses, or in the least around when you will be ready to start the nef wipes.