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AKA why I should not animate at 2am.

I had an awesome picture in mind but that will have to wait until I animate everyone else like this.

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Dude, that is truly horrifying. Well done!

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It's like Colin's Bear Animation all over again!

(for reference)

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This animation should play on loop before every livestream.

It is a weird kind of Giant Bomb loading screen.

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drugs are bad. mmmkay?

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The hunk is here to stay lady.

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I want my Giant Boooommmmmmmbbbbb.

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nice work

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@bbalpert: I'm going to have to step up my game for 2 million + views.

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That's both horrifying and awesome at the same time, good job.

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Great/terrible job. I too would like to see this play before live streams.

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Oh god.

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@hatking said:

I want my Giant Boooommmmmmmbbbbb.

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@hatking: A little bit of me wants to remake that video but with an injection of Giant Bomb now.

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@1gorebash1: I urge you to do that. You could pull footage from their live shows for the concert bits of that video. It'd be perfect.

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@hatking said:

I want my Giant Boooommmmmmmbbbbb.

That's immediately what this reminded me of, too.

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@bbalpert said:

It's like Colin's Bear Animation all over again!

(for reference)

I love how the backstory to Colin's Bear was basically a complete Fuck You to the professor "teaching" Colin's animation class at college.

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With that music I'm getting a serious Rugrats vibe over here.

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Already a month old? Daymn!

I was expecting a Bombcast segment animated in that crummy way, but this is still pretty incredible.

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Is this what drugs are like?

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A month old? How did I miss this the first time?

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The gold standard of Quality that I expect from a VinnCo product.