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Hey internet!

I posted this in Fobwashed`s game thread, but thought it could be cool to get some of you guys opinion on something a have been working on for some time.

The idea here is to make a "modular" illustration kit of the bombsquad, so that i have a nice foundation if a fun idea shows up.

I could then use all sorts of parts that i have made, on its own unique layer, to make some sort of illustration remix thing.

I hope you guys like what i have so far, and i will post updates when i have something more to show.


UPDATE: Added alex and Muir to the full image.

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Well done sir.

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Brad looks downright devious...

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Absolutely fantastic!

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Really cool!

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This is good stuff. And I thought it looked familiar! You did that other Dark Souls thing too =]

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This is great! :D

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Hello people!
Thank you for your kind comments!

At long last i have had the time to put some more work into this project, and add more stuff to the roster.
This time the most "Golden Duder" of them all, Brad Muir, got to feel the loving embrace of my virtual paintbrush!
Hope you guys like the way it turned out.

Stay Massive!

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You did a pretty great job with Muir!

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Poor Alex.

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@probablytuna: Haha! I will get to Alex :)
Been watching the Massive Chalice teamstreams lately, thats all.

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Excellent work!

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This is super rad. :D!

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Do they all have godmode?

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@vuud: Heh, They might, if you know the code!

I have added Alex to the roster after some time away from the project. Not quite sure who is next.

Also really fun to see Brad Muir in this thread :D

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This is really great work, but the lack of pupils is seriously weirding me out. Take Muir for instance, am I supposed to give him a pat on the head, or run away screaming? You tell me.

Also, I really don't know how I feel about Ryan missing from the picture. It's true that it's been quite some time since his passing, but he remains such an integral part of Giant Bomb to me that it just seems strange for him to be left out. I hope you can add him at some point.

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I understand the comments about the pupils. In my other work i try to leave them out as a style choice, but i guess these characters should be as recognizable as possible. I will experiment with pupils for the whole crew down the line. :)

The reason why Ryan is missing is very simple. It is the easiest way for me to handle it.

I try to make illustrations that make me (and hopefully others) smile, and i still find it uncomfortable and sad.

This is the early sketches i did before he passed away.

Thanks for the comments.

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@saik0u: You couldn't possibly mistake them as is. There's no need to compromise your style, these being quasi-caricatures, if you aren't comfortable with it. That said, I'm still afraid Muir is going to eat me... He is, isn't he?

And as for Ryan, I get it. It's hard not to, looking at that sketch you provided. Honestly thought that, by now, I'd be able to look at a picture of him like that and laugh, but you're completely right. Hopefully that'll change some day. Weirdly enough, it's actually my favourite of the work you've displayed here. I think it captures him really well.