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@stonyman65 said:

The comments on Worldstar are amazing.

"That's his sister with the beanie and his cousin in the red shirt, frontin like they got hoes..lmao"

I lost my shit after reading that hahaha.

"the struggle is real.. niggas can't even afford backgrounds"

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I think he knew who they were.

Shout out @jeffgerstmann for being apart of this video, thank you bro can't believe Some one found u lol

— #Cali' Weather (@BENJAMINPEEZY) June 26, 2014

That sounds more like he didn't know.

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I kept waiting for a verse from Rap Man. Disappointed/10

He foreshadowed this the whole time!!

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That user has the very best name.

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this guy knew exactly what he was doing.

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Now THAT was E3. I died when they turned up, I knew it was coming but didn't believe it. Such a success and a failure, nothing about that conveys doing business...Well maybe it does because I'm sure that is some extra views.

Not as good Marky Mark's 'I Need Money' that's for sure. He should have asked Jeff & Alex to make his videoski.

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Someone forward Ben Peezy the Rapman video and see what he makes of it.

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Needs more Brad.

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@cornbredx: My guess is he and the guys making the video saw that room and thought it'd make for a good shot and just asked Jeff and Alex to be in the video so they could use the room. I can't remember what guest said it, but that wall pattern really looks like it's made from Louis Vuitton bags.

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@mattyftm said:

Someone forward Ben Peezy the Rapman video and see what he makes of it.

Hot colabo?

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Today turned out to be a good day.

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Hahah holy shit I laughed seeing Alex just nod his head and stare at the camera. Good times

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This entire thing has made me so happy.

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Worldstar is the greatest website (besides Giant Bomb) ever made. Where else can I watch a 5-on 1 beat down in a liquor store parking lot without catching a stray bullet? Or a battle royale at a wedding reception or a child's birthday party?

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That was absolutely fantastic. Alex looking like a boss.

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I love shit like this. Thank you based GB.

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Well thats great, and it got me to watch that stupid video.

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