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I decided to lay out what Heroic Gear Night is, there just isn’t enough space in those damned calendar events to lay anything out.

First and foremost HGN is set up for people looking to get gear, I set it up because the first wave of people that joined Bomb Squad after Cataclysm launched all came up together, ran our normals together and then ran our heroics together and now are running our raids together, and now the second wave of new comers are out there hitting 85, maybe they are intimidated by all the established players or too shy to ask for help (or just don’t care, which I understand too) so they are just running random pug heroics or not running them at all.

I was in a guild that clearly tiered their players and almost actively worked against helping gear up the ones that weren’t in the clique. I don’t want to be in a guild like that again. So I wanted to make sure that anyone that wants to be taught the runs, shown the dungeons and helped gear up is getting the help they need.

At the moment I am power leveling a Paladin Tank that I will gear up and then use as the Heroic Gear Night tank since really the thing that can make a heroic dungeon nearly impossible is an under geared tank. However till then, look at who is signed up and if there are 4 people and none of them are a tank you won’t get in, as that night we will have to find a tank to fill in that 5 spot.

At the moment, the tanks in our guild (and I know aren’t too squishy for heroics) are Pownce, Leutak, Uncola, Thrawn, Karakus and Supergum. So if you see one of them signed up you know we have our tank.

Healers gearing, as long as the tank is well geared isn’t as important, therefore we can run new healers in as healers. People that want to be a main tank will have to run in their off spec until we get you enough gear to play the tank role. It’s just the nature of the beast. However you will get to roll need on anything that drops that is an upgrade for any specs you are playing.

I do have to point out, now that I have switched to a rotation of dungeons HGN is no longer get your VP night. If everyone is good with it, we can run the dungeon on the rotation and then run a random to get our VP, I’m perfectly ok with that, but first and foremost we are there to run the dungeon listed for that day.

Now with all that said, I would not only love, but strongly encourage a second person to run a group too. Typically these gear nights end up having one person in them that needs gear and the other 4 are raid speced players looking for VP. Maybe if we split those 4 into two groups of 2 and then have 3 new players in each we could gear up more people faster. I won’t feel slighted or like your trying to steal my thunder. I mean, Rawfle already promised me Officer, you can’t steal that from me. Schmucks.


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For whatever reason it cut the last paragraph off. If you know anyone that is a new 85 or new member please tell them how to get into these forums!