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As we progress into heroics, strategies become harder and gear requirements become more strict for each progressive boss. Because of this, we are switching to a DKP system ONLY FOR HEROICS  You will not be rewarded DKP for normal bosses, nor will you be charged DKP for normal boss loot. We are doing this because gear absolutely needs to be distributed equally amongst all raid members to continue to progress in heroics. Each new person to join us in our heroic raiding will be giving 10 DKP to start with. DKP will be awarded equally for players on standby as well as the players in the raid. However, this standby DKP will only be rewarded if you remain online.  
How DKP Works
Each person has a number of Dragon Kill Points (DKP), which are awarded or deducted through various means that are dictated in advance by a series of guidelines, or by the discretion of the raid leader (within reason). When an item drops off of a boss, each player that desires that item bids the maximum amount that they are willing to pay for it.  The winner, no matter how much they bid, pays only a single DKP more then the second highest bidder. For example: If an item drops and Azizz bids 29, but Babble, the second highest bidder, only bids 2, then Azizz wins the item for 3 DKP. If two players bid the same amount and are both tied as the highest bid, they roll to decide who will get the item for the amount of DKP that they both bid.

DKP Rules

  • No 'Burning' is allowed. This refers to bidding on an item you cannot use or already have in an attempt to drive up the price of the item for someone else.
  • No going into debt with your DKP, that is, having a negative number for your total DKP.

Standard DKP Awards
  • On-Time - 1 DKP - For being logged on and ready for an invite on your main character at the scheduled raid start time
  • Hourly  - 2 DKP - Rewarded for each hour that we spend on heroic bosses
  • Progression Boss Kill - 20 DKP - A new Heroic boss death
  • Farm Boss Kill - 10 DKP - A heroic boss death that is on farm.

How to Interact with the DKP Addon
 We will be using an addon to manage DKP called WebDKP. When bidding begins on an item, you will whisper me with '!bid #'. The addon will send a reply to you, telling that your bid has been accepted. 

Other useful commands:
  • !dkp - Tells you the amount of DKP you currently have
  • !list - Tells you the amount of DKP everyone in the raid has.
  • !list class - Appending a class name to !list tells you the amount of DKP that everyone in the raid of that class has
 Any comments or suggestions, leave them in the replies.

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Is it open and continuous bidding? Or one time shot?

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Do you still have to bid on gear only you can use?

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@Thrawnkkar It is double blind bidding, so while you can continue to up your bid, you will see no one elses bid. In fact, to make sure it remains fair, before bidding begins on an item that I want, I will whisper the amount I am bidding to someone who I am not bidding against for that item, since I can see everyone's bid

@supergumxp Yes, but you'll only pay 1 DKP for it.