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Hide the Children--Gizmondo 2 Is in Hot Pursuit Via DLC

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Homeless Sims Sleep Where They Are? I Do.

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Enter the Dominatrix Dies So That Rockstar Toronto May Expand

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I Didn't Say the Craziest, Most Bigoted Thing I've Ever Seen.

Konami Treading Questionable Ground With New Type of Nation From Which You Have to Wait A Minute, This Makes No Sense

Pokémon Your Way of Bullets and Stuff

Pippi Longstocking Star Sex Tape ... While Making My Own Stunts ... in Store Window!

Sen. McCain to Putin Hand Over Your Socks

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Bad Company Will Be Out for the Next 1 Billion People in Africa, Show Them This Graph.

We're Playing Video Games at E3 2013 Press Briefing: You Gotta Reconfigure Your Mind – Say What?

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Awesome Dad Just Watches His son for the Lulz

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the Heavy Rain Refuses to Say What That Complicated Legal Language You Don't Remember Endorses Downloadable Crossword Puzzles

That's the best one I've seen. It vaguely makes some sort of sense, then all of a sudden it stops making sense at all in the most hilarious way.

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None of these make any sense, but they're all true.

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Ludacris Implores You to Waive Your Rights, But You Have Options

Carmen Sandiego Will Be More Sonic 4 Episodes, Sega Knows There Were Problems

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Who Votes More: Women or A Jerk

Gas Powered Games Now Available, Predictably Annoying to Download

Microsoft Releases Tool for Humans


FBI: If we Treated African-Americans Like we All Need to Move Away From His Wheelchair to Breakdancing in A Motor Home

Double incredible.

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Creepiest And Coolest Way To Begin A Sentence. EVER.


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Can we start guessing who writes which headline?

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New Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Marky Mark Unknown

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FBI: If we Treated African-Americans Like we All Need to Move Away From His Wheelchair to Breakdancing in A Motor Home

Double incredible.

This broke me. Simply perfect

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Ex-Convict Becomes Best Friends With A Jar of Peanut Butter Thinks He Can Change Jersey to 'Hitner'

LeBron James Too Big -- we Need Better Parking Meters

Fuck It, I'll Do This Before You Go Shopping Today, Listen to Your Fridge

What Happens When Kids Grow Up in DJ Hero's Business

PS3-Exclusive Version of Pittsburgh Is A Bad Idea.

This is fantastic. @supapuerco Thanks.

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guy makes a motorcycle from his Father and father’s Attorney

life's Too Short To Write Believable Female Characters

Valve, J.J. Abrams Want to Play With Cars to Become A Morning Person

Statement By Julian Assange to Run on CryENGINE 3

Had to share more of these. Holy shit, I have not laughed this hard in awhile. This is gold!

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Thanks everyone! Does anyone have any requests or ideas for additional news sources or whatever that I could add?

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I was ready to go to bed... And now I am laughing so hard I have the hiccups. You jerk !

This is the most amazing dumb thing. And the fact that you can upvote the good ones is GENIUS !

EDIT: Hiccups have been going for 20 minutes now. Your dumb website is going to be the end of me !

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@supapuerco: You should add Kotaku. Maybe Jezebel.

Reading this while eating was a mistake. Soda up your nose does not feel good.

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An Awful Corporation Does Something That Basically Resembles That Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard Controller

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Blizzard Is Too Busy for BlizzCon This Year, Either

Garrus Returns! and Other Features Not Hitting Till May

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BloodRayne: Betrayal Has A New Rambo Game, So Now There Is A Somewhat Confusing Noby Noby Boy Video

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Hey, You GUUUUUUYS My Wife Is A GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Coming to PC and Consoles

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'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood and Gary we are the Big Live Live Reminder for Premium Members

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Oprah Winfrey I'm Still Jacked ... at Justin Bieber's Pilot WEED Smell Was So BAD... I Needed 3 Months of Max Payne 3 DLC First

Steve Jobs Got A Grill Now, Bitches

Kanye West Big North West to Hit More Platforms?

Nintendo Seeks to Trademark Ice Cube 'But That Sh*t's Over NOW'

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Things to Be The President. Plus, The Best Part of You and I Like Mitt's New Strategy of Being Tiny

Don't Give a Kid

Vita Titles Will Cost Less Than $5000

Science Doesn't Really Know Why We Still Believe in You

Edit: Holy fuck, I'm dying here:

Watch What Happens When An Inspiring College Kid Forced To Use A Paper Towel Properly For The Kids. The Sick Kids! Your Mom Will Be Animated

Men Walk on Land, You'll Be So Shocked

Giant Bomb's 2011 Game of The Moon

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@shinytan said:

An Awful Corporation Does Something That Basically Resembles That Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard Controller

That's an Alex Navarro headline if I've seen one.

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Do You Ever Had

Guerrilla Announces Steel Rain MP DLC For You Mortal Kombat Tells Kratos To Get In The Sand About Marriage Equality?

'Hannah Montana' Co-Creator She Wasn't Murdered But Here’s How She Made All That New Fez Patch After All

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New Tony Hawk My Son's Disabilities Taught Me about 'Having It All'

Buy DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Now and Get So Much Trouble Right Now

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My favorites:

Hear A Comedian Sticking Up For A Pile Of Money

Bitch, Please. I’m A Slut. So Is My Party Idol

Oh Great, Now I'm Depressed And On Time

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Iconic Atari Game Haunted House Returning to WWII in 1943

Namco Announces Dragonball: the Movie: the Game That Probably Isn't Shenmue 3

Ubisoft to Announce A Delay

Microsoft Set To Be Banned From Celebrating Halloween

Xbox Live Indie Games Channels Moved To A Better Place Through Time Travel

Rootin' Tootin' Wild West Shootin': call Of Duty: Black Ops II, In Case You Booze You Lose

This is a lot of fun. Thanks @supapuerco

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Hey! Here's How Telling Your Black Friends They're 'Not Really Black' Gets You Access To Battlefield 4 Beta, Which Suddenly Exists

How Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Ended Up Defeating The KKK

Far Cry 3 Exists, If These Americans Scare You, It Might Be Free After All

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Bitch, Please. I’m a Slut. So is David Jaffe

How I Built a Thing or Two Watching These Teachers Solve Some Big-Ass Problems

Robin Thicke Admitted 'Blurred Lines' is a Fat, Dishonorable Douchebag


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Who Knew It Was Possible To Make Portal 2 Now Available

Giant Theft Auto V Gets September Release Date

Pandemic Shutdown Leads To PSP

this is pretty good

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Vince Zampella and Jason West's Case Against Activision Going Houser Shopping?


Congratulations To Barack Obama, the 44th president of the MOON


Kanye West world's Best Celebrity Dad ... NOT Florida serial killer

Well, that's good to know

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This is the best

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@supapuerco You have created a great thing

18 Things You Should Probably Stop Saying to Veterans

House of representatives To Female Legislator: shut up about Steam Box plans

Tom Cruise Admits Katie Holmes Ain't no Mountain high enough

How Disasters like Hurricane Sandy blow me

which cities will be completely Underwater in Less than A Minute

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We're All Screwed: Steam Has A Screen Shot

Army of Two, 2: Fistbumps are Out, Cloverfield Is in Space

From Software Straight Up Killing Early Dark Souls PC Resolution Issues

Some Ubisoft Games Not Playable on My PS3

A Song of Ice and Fire Game Gets Named

Valve Joins EA, Sony, Others in Trying to Trap Me!

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Halo Wars Demo Dated, Full Release Pushed Back To School

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Today's Headlines

Freedom is a Porn Website

Elmo Accuser we Dry-Humped ... but ...

Niko Bellic Reacts Really Badly to His Proud Mom

Crimson Dragon Didn’t Have Any friends.

now there are no Porsches in Forza 4, It's Because of Scientology

2 Chainz & Kanye Engagement Party Goes way Over-The-Top

Lord British is in danger Zone

you might be To Blame.

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Microsoft Tries to Kill Himself in Jail

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being a Great name

There Is a Hexagon, and no one likes you, Java

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A Fighting Game That Began With...Pictures Of Ellen Page

Student Suspended For Bringing Me Stories Like This...

The Inevitable Black Friday Brawl At Philadelphia Mall

Ludacris Implores You To Waive Your Rights, But You Have To rescue Princess Peach?

Rock Out With Pope Francis

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malware hidden inside friend's wife he has no idea Where any countries are on sale!

How Japanese fake Food Is like walking Barefoot on Broken glass

the uDraw Fans you've Never thought I'd find Sexism

why (and how) We've switched away from becoming Hitler

Silicon Knights ordered to STAY away

Activision Cans Infinity Ward Rumor Mill continues to suck

the Move to Canada if I was a Monster or you F***ING Ben AFFLECK'

Internet, Listen up. ACTA Is scarier than Zombies and online poker

10 reasons why a Medieval Ghost town Transformed into Assholes because Of Obamacare

Cockroaches Mutate to find a job, Which included Doing pat downs on children Services Says mom

NBA Elite 11 'Was just going to pressure the fossil-fuel Industry Itself, Chloe Maxmin, a Harvard university student

Level cap could be considered an act Of terrorism Is in danger My Ex

Brick Nintendo before They leave. They Need to see the Teacher’s Resignation video that will Focus on Innovation, not IP Enforcement

Responsive web design Is Horseshit

I'm satisfied with my findings.

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Big Surprise, Deus Ex For Real Chinese Money

Nic Cage acting his way to Retail

Grand Theft auto V Is basically Spyware, according to GLaDOS, We've all been Pronouncing 'Dota' wrong

Mass effect in a Guitar!'

Simon Cowell warned off in My car

the Spiritual Successor to duck

weird Moments with Kiefer Sutherland, also known as the King Of the world's most Boring Viking game Is Review-Proof'

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Megan Fox Stars In A Racing Game Has No Clear Solution For Xbox One In Some Form

China's New Drone Looks Just Like A Woman Making Video Game Into A Fleet Of Drones

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@shagge said:

Giant Bomb's 2011 Game of The Moon

Oh man, it's the simple things that get me.

Evil Mountain-Dew-Fueled Robots Coming to PSN

Activision Probably Making That Mistake Again.

So I Heard You Wanted to Give a Broken Congress The Finger?

King Of Fighters Movie will be Slightly Uncomfortable. Nurse, please hand me the Elephant.

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Miyamoto's Thinking About Possibly Making A Flight Stick? By Making A Rayman: Origins

Yeah, Maybe I Do Want To Collaborate On Fake Magazine Cover For Modern Warfare 2

29 People Who call Home...Home

Buy Borderlands GOTY, Get Duke Nukem Forever Delayed To Week Of April 18, 2011

Microsoft Announces The New Giant Bomb Premium Accounts On Sale As DLC This Month

Microsoft Announces Tons Of Issues In Backbreaker

A Sinful First Look At The DJ Hero 2: If It Locks Up, Ditch A Friend

Two Londoners Have Reconstructed All Of Xbox Live