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Wait, You Can Get Away With Making A Major Superhero Gay Without Making A Skateboarding Game

a Few Things That Have Ever HAPPENED

I'm Disappointed By The Letters W and M

21 Cooking Tips That Will Kill Us All

26 Puns That Are Holding You Back

This Captain America Game Is Actually Your Significant Other

Wii Sports Returns With Modern Setting, Beard Guy

Steve Jobs Passes Away At 25 Years-Old

Reese Witherspoon Inspired By Walter White's Door

Killzone 2 Demo on Xbox Live

Alanis Morissette Sued By Ghost of Rick James

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Don’t Listen To These 26 Million Children

Michelle Obama Makes Me Fat

these people are still Displaced from hurricane Sandy. We should Ignore Them Now.

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Microsoft tries to stop crying

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Dating Tips From A North Korean Prison CAMP

Nintendo Steps Into Porn Biz

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L.A. Noire DLC, Explains Why The U.S. Military Sorry Weiner's Sexter Masturbated On The Romney-Ryan Plan

I really should get back to L.A. Noire.

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Apparently, Nintendo Is Slightly...Different?


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Today's Bummer NEWS: The Pope Call Me Shirley: Serious Sam HD Giveaway Winners REVEALED!

Ellen DeGeneres Has Won Halloween With Her Nicki Minaj Ghostwriter Controvery Lost In Translation

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Oh Jesus, I got this one...

"The Unusually Deep Revelations Of A Black Person"

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this week in Nintendo game

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Maybe If More Women Were In Tokyo: Wizard On Cyborg Violence

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Wow, what a great way to spend an evening :D

Patrice Désilets Has 'Several Ideas' For His Daughter's Surgery

Mario, Link, Others Come To Mind When Talking About Race

Metal Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Kicks Off PSN “Spring Fever” Next Month

The League Of Legends Doesn't Respect Satanists

The Guns Of Navarro: I'm With Cash Money Now

Well, I guess I am happy for @alex, that sounds like good news :)

Edit: Oh god - a quick google indicates one of those is an actual headline :| I leave which to your imagination

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OK, just a couple more :)

Sony Pushes Back On This Woman With 26 Boobs Goes Viral (Open With Caution If You're Going To Want To Fall 2011)

New Alan Wake 2 Isn't Alan Wake Continues To Tickle Kids For Help. The Result Is Hilarious.

And the most accurate headline produced...

The Giant Bomb Cannot Be Stopped

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The Xbox One is Worthy of a Dick (240FPS Camera Test)

This is All About Women, The Men in Japan

Microsoft's Big E3 Event? Here's Everything You Need to Survive The Apocalypse

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  • When Did SEX Become A Crime?
  • How Have I Got 99 Problems, But My Periodic Table Ain’t One
  • What's It Like 5 Times
  • How Computers And Grandmothers Will Help Us Educate The Whole Internet
  • Cyrax And Kitana Are Coming (Out)!
  • Justin Bieber Naked 'It's My D**k in a new Devil may Cry
  • Gabe Newell Opens up next week
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Black Woman Gets Ready to Be a Core Game

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Fossilized Bear Penis bones Solve Eternal Mystery of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City Demo

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Favourite pixelated graphics character you've seen someone cosplay as

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I just saw this one and laughed for nearly a minute straight: "The XBOXALYPSE is Now a Back-of-the-Box Feature"

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country Singer killed by Snake while Helping people with USB compatible asses

Turns out, shake weights are Pretty Damn angry

do you wish you had no idea How many Rapists are punished for ‘Derogatory’ emails about wall street banks.

Mariah Carey Fans lose their British Accents?

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I'm done... I can't even after this:

check out My new Favorite rap track about Menstrual Blood

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Wanna See The Most Inspiring Yet Depressing Yet Hilarious Yet Horrifying Yet Heartwarming Grad Speech

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Microsoft Turning Kinect Into A Force Of Nature With A Definitive 'Nuh-Uh!'

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A Grandstanding Senator Decided To Apologize For Saying Jews Deserve To Have Nightmares About Space

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That Game of the Moon one is unbeatable, but I got a few decent ones...


Pandemic Shutdown Leads to Anal Probe Nightmare—Again

Some Things Just Shouldn't Be a Ghostbuster

Photographer Takes Secret Photos of Past Thanksgiving Day Parades

Road Raging Driver Rams Into Taxi After Running Out of Mall for 'Fuck Cancer' Hats

The Sims 3 is Dead

Good News, Bad News, But There’s Good News

This Week in Xbox Deal Gone Bad

Marth Joins The Steamworks Bandwagon

Usher's Son First Photo After Horrific Sprint Car Crash

EA Announces a New Portable Designed For MMOs on the Street Fighter IV Live Stream!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Just Beat Hulk Hogan Kinect Game You've Been Waiting For: Hole in the Force Unleashed II

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@shinytan said:

Hey, You GUUUUUUYS My Wife Is A GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Coming to PC and Consoles

gosh darn

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I'm quite enjoying this.


Disney Epic Mickey 2 Exists, Is A Vote for Stabbing Dudes With Arm Blades

Brütal Legend: Maybe It's Time to Explain What 'Nonconsensual Sex' means

‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Will Do What Nintenwon't, Agrees to End the War in Syria

John Drake to Be Cast as First Age-Appropriate Bond Girl

White House Press Conference on New NFL Blitz

NBA Jam HD Is Coming, So Try Not to Get Pregnant

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Ubisoft Buys Trials HD Developer Announces Rally Racer MotoHeroz for WiiWare

A Woman Who Pours Tea Using Her Feet, a Skateboarding Goat, and 300,000 Pieces of Art – They Draw, He Colors

'LEGO Breaking Bad' Is Good So Far.

The Xbox One? Punch It.

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How Did the Giant Robots Look Like

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You guys, thanks so much! This thing, is like, now a thing!

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Stan Lee Confirmed For UFC Game

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‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Will Do What Nintenwon't, Agrees to End the War in Syria

That is just too perfect, here's another I found:

George R.R. Martin Book Might Restore Your Faith in Humanity, Penises

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@dasacant2 said:

@truthtellah said:

‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Will Do What Nintenwon't, Agrees to End the War in Syria

That is just too perfect, here's another I found:

George R.R. Martin Book Might Restore Your Faith in Humanity, Penises

Yeah, that one TruthTellah got is absolutely amazing.

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Best one I've generated yet:

Grand Theft Auto's Most Elusive Easter Egg Hunt at Seattle Zoo Turns Into Bloody Corpses

And this raised a smirk

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Chicken or the Terrorist?

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Who Votes More: Women or A Jerk

Gas Powered Games Now Available, Predictably Annoying to Download

Microsoft Releases Tool for Humans


Thos are all fucking amazing.

Man Certified as Dead Elected Mayor of Toronto

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The New Jackie Chan Seal of Approval

BioWare Founder Plays Video Games, Hence Why We Are Going Offline

Foam Oozing Out of Plants vs. Garden Warfare Outed, Is Likely a Shooter

Nintendo Reached Out to Play Guitar

Witness the Glory of a Pyramid Scheme

Looks Like Microsoft’s Bringing Back the Neo-Geo, More or Less

Mysterious LucasArts Project Is Star Trek Rivals.

Latest Dead or Alive 5 Patch Adds Car Damage to YOUR Locomotives; Transport Tycoon Is Going on in This Fantasy Arcade. Can You Name Them?

Surviving Two Traumatic Japanese Pranks Is Not Pinball. This Is Literally the Worst DLC of All Time

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PS4 Fans Still Winning the Ol' Dating Game

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I'd Fuck a Dragon

Fuck a Woman to Win This Zune!

Damn, Democratic Party, I Like PHP

All Republicans Want to Fuck Me

The History of Openly Masturbating in Restrooms

Superman and Batman Have Their Baby

Online Dating: Horny Men Talking to Horny Men Talking to Horny Men Talking to Horny Men Pretending to Be Matt.

A Twerking World Record Attempt Is Happening Right Now, Nerds

OCTOBERKAST 2012 - Part 1 - Welcome to Post-Citizens-United America

I'm Carlos Danger, and I Can Have an Abortion?

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China’s Latest Attack on Bev Hills Mansion Don't Worry, the Ponies Are Okay

Party Animal Banned From Swimming in Paralympics Because Committee Rules She Could Get on Board With It

Mitt Romney Support the Violence Against Women. But Then Again, I'm Not Cutting All My Hair ... Are You Babbling About, Kathleen Sebelius?

Robots Fail to Shock Me

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I would play this game:

Criterion's Need for Annoying Human Guests

Ashley Judd Says She's 'Regretfully' Not Running for Cover

Edward Snowden: Saving Us From Figuring Out You’re Gay

Denver Nuggets Mascot Passes Out ... While Being Arrested for Allegedly Failing to Prosecute High-Level Executives Over the WORLD

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You guys, thanks so much! This thing, is like, now a thing!

No, no. Thank you good sir. Thank you.

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It's the Simple Way to Stop Sweating and Eliminate Those Pit Stains, You Gross Monster

4 Bodies Found in Breast Milk

Meet Vomiting Larry, a Robot Begging for Its Employees

CES 2012: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, Now With More Guns

Microsoft Drops Kinect Price to $169.99, Early Adopters Get Free Tacos ... For GOOD!

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Enter the Dominatrix Dies So That Rockstar Toronto May Expand

this one's my favorite.

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Two Men Allegedly Overheard Incredibly Explosive Skype Conversation While Being Treated for Heart Failure, Still Critical

Tiny Pony Kidnapped, May Be the Year 2010: Day Four of the Vagina'

Dogs at Weddings Possibly Eliminate Need for Speed Movie Forgot Cars, Yo

Kanye West the Ass ... Or Not?

Man Forgets Severed Penis on His Own Mobile Game

Michelle Obama Says He Needs to Watch Jenny McCarthy Joins the Alliance

30 Killed, 1000 Wounded in Santa Monica Shooting, Gunman Is Dead (in This Simpsons Gag

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Bieber's Sidekicks Gunning for Sex Tape Linked to Jerky Treats

Britney Spears My Vegas Show Is Gonna Be in an Old McDonalds

Sony Denies Reports of Deadly Chemical Attack

Console Gaming Is Going to Have USB Ports for Phone Charging

FBI Investigates Death Threats After Wiping Ass With $100 Bills ... Here's My Beautiful Ass

Russian Satellite Takes Largest Single Photograph of the Slow Motion Water Balloon Fight With Lindsay

Your Xbox One Can Hear Your Screams

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I just found this and I need to save this for posterity:

‘Abortion Ship’ Aims To Encourage Hillary to Run Modern Warfare 2 Trailer For Some Reason

Porpentine's Wonderful World Of Warcraft

PlayStation Network Back Online, Too Lesbiany

A Heartwarming Dashcam Video Captures a Police Officer Stopping to Play Dragon Age DLCs

The Guns of Navarro: Say Hi to Your Private Parts.

Killzone 2: Let's Talk About Some Fundamental Truths